Carleton attracts eighth Fulbright scholar

The University’s reputation for attracting high calibre academics received a boost when U.S. scholar, Dr. Jeffrey Ayres, chose Carleton to conduct his Fulbright research.

He is eager to take up his position at Carleton University later this fall, and reside through the summer 2004. “I chose Carleton University for several reasons, including its reputation for innovative and leading-edge research, the possibility of working with faculty associated with the Centre for North American Politics and Society, as well as the University’s proximity to government officials, think-tanks and non-governmental associations.”

Ayres is Associate Professor of Political Science at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and a specialist in Canadian and North American politics. He plans to focus his Fulbright research on the social and political dimensions of NAFTA. Specifically, Ayres will investigate the emergence of civil society groups involved in contentious political action in post-NAFTA North America, the interaction across borders of such movements, and the social and political implications of their actions on contemporary public policy.

“Jeffrey Ayres’ Fulbright award is a testament to his record of academic excellence and his expertise in a field that is of critical importance to Canada and the United States,” says Dr. Michael K. Hawes, Executive Director of the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program. “The success of this Chair in its inaugural year brings tremendous credit to the partnership between Carleton University and the Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program.”

Based at Carleton University’s Centre on North American Politics and Society (CNAPS), it is anticipated that this new Chair will attract distinguished U.S. scholars to conduct leading research on the social, political, and cultural dimensions of North American integration.

“We are delighted that this Chair is being established at Carleton University and that Dr. Ayres will be joining our faculty,” says Carleton President Richard Van Loon. “Carleton is a leading centre for international studies and an ideal location for research on contemporary issues facing North America.”

Carleton University has attracted eight Fulbright scholars, each of whom has contributed to and benefited greatly from the dynamic academic milieu. In addition, Carleton University has had six of its scholars selected to participate in the prestigious Canada-U.S. Fulbright Program, which engages the best Canadian and American scholars in reciprocal educational exchanges.

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