Lecture season was a busy one

Spring at Carleton always seems to be ushered in by a blizzard of lectures. This March was no different with several prominent Canadians delivering keynote presentations at various events on campus.

On March 5, Retired Lt. General, and former Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Rwanda, Romeo Dallaire gave a heart-wrenching account of his experience in “Silence in the face of genocide: The Role of the Media, International Community, and Public Opinion.”

This year’s Davidson Dunton Research Lecture was given by Dr. David Sinclair. “Scientific Breakthroughs at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory” gave the packed audience in Robertson Hall a remarkable overview of the leading-edge work being conducted at this research site. Of particular interest was the pivotal role being played by our University.

Pierre Berton was in fine form delivering this year’s Kesterton Lecture on March 18. Arguably Canada’s most prolific and best-known living writer, Berton, spoke on “The Joy of Writing,” the title of his 49th book. Writing, according to Berton, “is a weasel word…everyone who puts pen to paper is a writer of sorts.” He divides writers into two groups: professionals who write to make a living and to whom writing is a way of life; and amateurs “for whom writing is a hobby like bridge, to be taken up when the spirit moves them, or when the time is ripe, or when they have nothing better to do.”

The annual John Porter Lecture was given by Professor John Myles, Canada Research Chair in Sociology at the University of Toronto and Visiting Research Fellow at Statistics Canada. He spoke on “Changing Colours: Residential Segregation in the Immigrant Metropolis.“

Dr. Roger Dorton, one of Canada’s most distinguished civil engineers, delivered the annual John Adjeleian Lecture, entitled “Reflections on 40 Years of Bridge Engineering”.

George Bowering, Canada’s first Parliamentary Poet Laureate, and Roy Miki, winner of the recent Governor General’s Award for Poetry, were featured in a “Double Reading.” The unique double bill was sponsored by the English department and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The Honourable Susan Whelan, P.C., M.P., Minister for International Co-operation, was on campus March 27 to give the 2003 Florence Bird Lecture, “Leading the Way: Canada’s International Role in Promoting Gender Equality.” This lecture is organized by the Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s Studies.

Are men mothering or are they redefining fatherhood? This unique perspective was the topic of the 25th annual Marston LaFrance Research Fellowship Lecture given by Dr. Andrea Doucet, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology on April 10. Doucet shared some candid reflections of fathers who are caring for their children and the intricate social worlds that men and women now inhabit as they ‘love and let go’ of their children.

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