Ravens winners on the court and in the classroom

Three members of the 2003 Canadian Interuniversity Sports championship Carleton Ravens men’s basketball team—Jafeth Maseruka, Rob Smart, and Charlie Cattran—are to be honoured by the Dr. James Naismith Basketball Foundation with induction into the Naismith Museum and Hall of Fame Honour Roll for their academic and athletic achievements at Carleton University.

The Foundation recognizes graduating Canadian university basketball players who have achieved high standards both academically and athletically and made outstanding contributions to the school community at their university.

“To have a permanent place on this Honour Roll is pretty impressive,” said Ravens’ guard Jafeth Maseruka when told of his induction. “It’s something I can go back and look at years from now with a lot of pride.”

Maseruka, who will be graduating with a B.A. degree in Law this year, was originally accepted into the Enriched Support Program (ESP) at Carleton University. The program offers students, who may not meet traditional entrance requirements, the opportunity to prove their academic ability in the university environment.

While balancing basketball and school work was often difficult, Maseruka says ESP support helped him understand what was required to succeed academically. Maseruka credits the Ravens’ coaching staff for helping him and other players to stay focused on school. “They’re always pushing us to do better academically and letting us know that school comes first and basketball second.”

“Jafeth, like most of our ESP students, put his nose to the grindstone and made the academic grade,” says Christine Adam, Acting Director of the Enriched Support Program. “He’s a winner on the court and in the classroom.”

Maseruka was chosen as Graduating Athlete of the Year by Carleton University in 2003.

Maseruka’s teammates, Rob Smart, team captain, and Charlie Cattran, Ravens’ forward, will each graduate this year with an M.B.A. from the Sprott School of Business.

“They have both been exemplary students and achieved strong academic results, which is not a small feat when you are balancing the time, dedication, and energy it takes to compete on a winning basketball team,” says Vinod Kumar, Director, Sprott School of Business.

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