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Posted Jan. 27/04

Readers of Carleton NOW responded positively to the first edition of the paper. Many of you took the opportunity to submit your views via our on-line survey. Your input is greatly appreciated. The results and comments will assist the Department of University Communications team as it strives to produce a publication that adequately reflects the enormous scope of the University’s people, programs, and research.

1. What is your general impression of the new Carleton NOW in comparison to the old This is Carleton?

A major improvement: (44%)
Somewhat of an improvement: (37%)
No real difference: (9%)
A step backwards: (4%)
Bring back This Is Carleton!: (6%)

2. Please rate the length of the articles.

Too long: (4%)
Just right: (80%)
Too short: (13%)
Other: (4%)

3. What is your favourite Carleton NOW section?
Cover Page: (2%)
President’s Letter: (2%)
Faculty Specific Pages: (17%)
Campus News: (39%)
Athletics: (13%)
Human Resources: (7%)
In the News: (2%)
Ask Our Experts: (9%)
Events Calendar: (9%)

4. Is there anything missing? Let us know if any of these old sections (This is Carleton) are of interest to you. (Ranked in order of preference)

University-related general interest stories: (50%)
Staff/Faculty Profiles: (42%)
Technology: (27%)
CUSA corner: (27%)
Forum-faculty and staff submitted Op-Ed pieces:(25%)
Campus news from around the world: (21%)
Obituaries: (17%)

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