A vision of the new Carleton campus

Carleton University has a new Campus Master Plan.

The 150-page document begins with the assertion that to be the best comprehensive university in Canada, Carleton needs an outstanding academic, social, and physical environment. Many of the projects proposed were designed to enhance the student experience at Carleton.

The plan is framed by 32 planning principles supporting the vision of a “green, pedestrian-oriented campus centred around a vibrant communal heart, which celebrates, protects, and embraces its natural and built environment.” These planning principles deal with environmental quality, landscapes, building design, pedestrian and vehicular movement, and land use.

One of the “big ideas” in the plan is the expansion of the University Centre and creation of an arrival forecourt. This forecourt would include a major transportation hub with bus stops and taxi stands as well as tree-lined walkways and a campus green. The direction of the bus loop would be reversed so passengers disembark on the same side of the street as the majority of facilities.

The expanded University Centre would include a two-storey atrium between the Tory Building and the University Centre providing a bright meeting place. Part of the main stairwell would be replaced with a wide, gracious set of stairs directly connecting to the proposed arrival forecourt.

In addition to a revived University Centre, the report also suggests improving and celebrating the tunnel system, a central character of the Carleton campus, by creating more communal spaces and light-filled atria at major junctions such as near the Library and the spaces around the Azrieli buildings.

Another project would enhance access to the riverfront by reducing the width of University Drive, establishing generous sidewalks, creating intermittent resting spots, and improving the overall landscape.

This new plan proposes a series of potential projects and further studies in areas such as transportation management, sustainable developments and landscaping palettes.

David Dunn, Chair of the Building Program Committee of the Board of Governors, heartily endorses the new Campus Master Plan.

“More than any of the past plans, I believe that this document lays out a set of policies and values that will improve the Carleton community and provide the physical framework within which the University can achieve its strategic goals, ” he says.

From – http://www.now.carleton.ca/2004-04/313.htm

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