Carleton student selected for WUSC summer seminar

Carleton University third-year political science student, Susan Sunde, thought she would be working and going to school for the summer to save money towards her last year of study. Instead, she was surprised to learn she was selected to be one of 20 Canadian university and college students to travel with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to Malawi , Africa.

“It took a couple of days to sink in,” says Sunde. “It’s a trip of a lifetime.”

Travelling to a developing country may not sound like a trip of a lifetime for some people, but “it’s an incredible opportunity. I think it’s important people are educated about the different social and economic environments around the world,” says Sunde.

The students will spend six weeks in Malawi in June and July, primarily learning about agricultural development and the AIDS epidemic. The goal is to create greater awareness of international development issues among the participants, the academic community, and the wider public.

“This will allow me to learn about the issues facing developing countries and bring that knowledge back with me to promote awareness,” she says.

Sunde is an experienced world-traveller; however, this is the first time she will travel to a developing country. She says world travels sparked her interest in politics and development issues – and she chose Carleton as the university to pursue a degree in this field.

“I was never really interested in politics, but after travelling, I wanted a better understanding of what was going on around me,” she says.

Sunde is required to raise $3,000 to put towards the trip, and is planning a few fundraising activities over the next few months towards accomplishing that goal. If you are interested in contributing to Sunde’s fundraising campaign, please contact her by email at:

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