CFI invests $8.86 million in Carleton research

On March 8, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) announced an $8.86 million investment in nine Carleton University research projects. This latest round of funding puts Carleton in first place among comprehensive universities for CFI funding.

“We were delighted to receive this support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation,” says Carleton University Vice-President (Research and International), Feridun Hamdullahpur. “This funding will enable us to enhance research facilities and continue to produce world-class research.”

A major portion of the funding was assigned to Cognitive Science and Psychology Professor Chris Herdman. The $7.4 million will be used to establish the Carleton University Centre for Advanced Studies in Visualization and Simulation (V-SIM). The new 400 square metre facility will allow for unique interdisciplinary research, combining expertise in cognitive science, psychology, architecture and engineering.

“We’re not just building a box,” says Herdman. “We’re building a structure to take visualization and simulation research from multidisciplinary to interdisciplinary.” The result of combining various disciplines will be a true opportunity for researchers to integrate ideas, and will make the V-SIM Centre a national hub for visualization and simulation research.

“There’s really no other concentrated centre that is crossing these areas and looking at visualization and simulation in this manner,” says Herdman. “It will allow us to ask questions and pursue solutions that we never would have approached without this infrastructure.”

Besides the academic benefits, the Centre will have many positive effects for students and industry. “Canada has a very strong modelling and simulation industry – and to keep at the forefront, we need to keep people trained,” says Herdman.

The V-SIM Centre will create opportunities for approximately 90 graduate students. Herdman has already received inquiries from students as far away as Iceland and Australia interested in opportunities at the facility.

Among many industry partners, the Centre has received major support from CAE Inc., a leading provider of training and advanced simulation for civil aviation, military, and marine customers.

In addition to Herdman’s research, the CFI also approved funding for the following Carleton University projects:

  • Sean Barry, $201,937, Facilities for Precursor Development and Thin Film Deposition
  • Adrian Chan, $215,041, Biomedical Engineering Sensors and Signals Laboratory
  • Pavan Gunupudi, $214,840, Computer Facilities for Research in Design Automation Algorithms in Optoelectronic and High-Speed Systems
  • Xiao Huang, $176,800, Air Plasma Spray System
  • Leonard MacEachern, $230,317, Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits Laboratory
  • Michael Pisaric, $109,936, Carleton Paleoecological Research Laboratory (CPRL)
  • Manuella Vincter, $138,405, Carleton Data and Analysis Centre for ATLAS Grid Computing
  • Jayne Yack, $141,951, Neuroethology Laboratory for Research on Novel Sound and Vibration Sensory Systems in Invertebrates
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