2004 Carleton University Employment Equity Work Plan Objective 1

Objective 1: To Inform and Educate the Community

  • Produce and distribute the publication of the Employment Equity Policy to all faculty and staff.Responsibility: University Communications/Equity Services

    Timetable: Completed March 2004 Ongoing

  • Publish an article in April’s issue of Carleton NOW (informing of the audit and the distribution of the policy).Responsibility: University Communications

    Timetable: Completed April 2004

  • Redesign the Equity Services Web site.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Early summer 2004

  • Promote the ‘new & improved’ Web site through Today@Carleton and Connect.Responsibility: University Communications

    Timetable: Late summer 2004

  • Establish a Communications sub-committee of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Equity Policy with representation from all unions and employee groups.Responsibility: Equity Policy Committee

    Timetable: Completed 2002

  • Implement a mechanism that would allow managers and employees to ask questions that would provide the basis of a Q&A section of the Web site.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2004 and ongoing

  • Provide regular articles for publication in Union newsletters.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2004 and ongoing

  • Provide President with a report designated group representation for General Faculty Board Address and Annual Speech to Staff.Responsibility: Equity Services, President

    Timetable: August of every year

  • Facilitate and encourage the cultural events at the University associated with the designated groups (conferences, symposia, and lectures by distinguished visitors, etc.).Responsibility: Equity Services, Deans

    Timetable: Ongoing

  • Encourage brown-bag sessions on directly or indirectly related equity issues.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: From Sept to April annually

  • Promote the brown-bag sessions via Today@Carleton and include the Equity Services logo.Responsibility: University Communications

    Timetable: As needed from September to April annually

  • Conduct training sessions for faculty and staff on Human Rights Policies and Procedures, including the Employment Equity Policy.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2001 and ongoing

  • Arrange to have the students of the School of Industrial Design develop promotional tools for use in Equity Services educational and training programs on employment equity.Responsibility: Equity Services, School of Industrial Design

    Timetable: 2004-2005

  • Distribute promotional tools in educational and training workshops to focus on the designated groups and the goals of employment equity.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2002 and ongoing

  • Develop a Jeopardy series focusing on employment equity.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2004 and ongoing

  • Design a campus card insert promoting Equity Services and its various services, including employment equity programs.Responsibility: Equity Services, University Services

    Timetable: Completed, 2003 and ongoing

  • Publish articles on employment equity and human rights issues and initiatives regularly in Carleton NOW.Responsibility: University Communications Equity Services

    Timetable: Once per season, i.e. Oct. Dec. Feb. April

  • Have a regular “equity” column in every second issue of Carleton NOW to answer questions.Responsibility: University Communications Equity Services

    Timetable: Every 2 months, starting in Sept. 2004

  • Create “pull-up” display banners promoting equity for display in various venues and at events.Responsibility: University Communications Equity Services

    Timetable: 2004

  • Explore the possibility of engaging the services of a journalism student for the development of a campus-wide, more comprehensive communications plan as part of their 4th year course requirement.Responsibility: Equity Services with support from University Communications

    Timetable: Begin summer 2004 for fall application

  • Approach Human Resources to include the “boilerplate” message on equity in all their recruitment materials.Responsibility: Equity Services, University Communications, Human Resources

    Timetable: Spring 2004

  • Review equity-related material distributed in the new employee information kit.Responsibility: University Communications Equity Services

    Timetable: Spring 2004

  • Continue the Employment Equity Orientation presentation to new employees.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Ongoing

  • Celebrate the achievements of designated group members in our community and in the larger society as evidenced through senior appointments and honorary degrees.Responsibility: President, The University community and the Honorary Degrees Committee

    Timetable: Ongoing

  • Produce and post large banners with holiday wishes for various religions in or on the outside of the Library.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Early Fall for use Winter 2004

    From – http://www.now.carleton.ca/2005-04/745.htm

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