2004 Carleton University Employment Equity Work Plan – Objective 2

Objective 2: To Ensure That all Policies and Practices are Free of Discrimination

  1. Reconvene employment equity parity committees.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Completed 2002

  2. Design methodology for employment systems review.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Completed 2003

  3. Conduct a full employment systems review.Responsibility: Employment Equity Parity Committees

    Timetable: Spring 2003-Spring 2005

  4. Identify existing systemic barriers for designated groups in employment policies and practices.Responsibility: Employment Equity Parity Committees

    Timetable: Spring 2005

  5. Develop an Employment Equity Plan for each bargaining unit/employee group.Responsibility: Employment Equity Parity Committees

    Timetable: Fall 2005

  6. Bring proposed changes to joint committees to administer the collective agreements.Responsibility: Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

    Timetable: Spring 2006

  7. Revise “Equity” statement on all job postings to contain clearer and stronger language modeled on the University’s Human Rights Policies.Responsibility: Employment Equity Policy Committee

    Timetable: Summer 2004

  8. Expand Web sites used for posting University positions to include more Web sites dedicated to the four designated groups.Responsibility: Equity Services, Human Resources, President’s Office

    Timetable: Summer-Fall 2004

  9. Use a custom-designed Web-site posting for positions in occupational groups with significant under-representation (e.g., Wired Women, SWAAC).Responsibility: Equity Services, Human Resources, President’s Office

    Timetable: 2004 and ongoing

  10. Participate in job fairs hosted by designated group and community-based organizations to promote employment and educational opportunities at Carleton University.Responsibility: Human Resources

    Timetable: Ongoing

  11. Work with hiring managers to increase the diversity of search/hiring committees.Responsibility: Human Resources, Deans

    Timetable: Ongoing

  12. Develop an interview template that include behaviour-based questions for different skill sets.Responsibility: Human Resources

    Timetable: 2004-2005

  13. Establish an automated database containing the Equity Fact Sheets for ongoing analysis.Responsibility: Equity Services, Human Resources

    Timetable: 2004

  14. Conduct research on the availability of data on the physical demands associated with each occupational group for possible use in job postings.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: 2004

  15. Conduct training sessions for all academic search committees in principles and requirements of employment equity.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Ongoing

  16. Develop a one-page “Equity Checklist” for use by academic search committees.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Completed 2003

  17. Design a package for academic search committee that serves as an aid to the committees in meeting their employment equity obligations.Responsibility: Equity Services

    Timetable: Completed 2004

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