Athletics recognizes outstanding student-athletes

Drew Love, Director of Physical Recreation and Athletics announced this year’s major athletic award recipients at the annual Varsity Banquet held March 31.

Osvaldo Jeanty, a third-year guard on the men’s varsity basketball team, and Mihaela Jekic, a fourth-year member of Carleton’s sabre fencing team were named the 2005 Carleton University Athletes of the Year. Fifth-year guard on the men’s basketball team, Mike Smart, and fifth-year member of the women’s soccer team, Stacey Siopis, were named the 2005 Graduating Athletes of the Year. Men’s basketball coach, Dave Smart was chosen as Ravens Coach of the Year and Gail Blake, Assistant Director of Athletics received the 2005 Varsity Council Award.

In addition to these major awards, the individual team MVPs were also announced at the banquet.

  • 2005 Team MVPsMen’s Basketball – Jean-Emmanuel Jean-Marie

    Women’s Basketball – Sarah Kennedy

    Women’s Field Hockey – Heather Hunter

    Men’s Rugby – David Thompson

    Men’s Soccer – Timothy Khaemba

    Women’s Soccer – Diana Burmester

    Men’s Waterpolo – Zoltan Csepregi

    Women’s Waterpolo – Sarah Reid

    Women’s Fencing – Mihaela Jekic

    Men’s Fencing – Abimanyu Mukerji

    Men’s Golf – Greg Lamb

    Men’s Rowing – Cory Dawson

    Women’s Rowing – Jillian Secord

    Women’s Swimming – Heather Macdonald

    Men’s Swimming – Keegan Harris

    Men’s Nordic Ski – Dana Klassen

    Women’s Nordic Ski – Eva Szabo

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