Construction timetable

  • Beginning April 2005– Construction Fencing: Beginning April 4, construction fencing will be phased in over several weeks, but eventually will run the full width of the building adjacent to parking lot 2 and the Architecture Building. On the south side, the fencing will block the paved path and will run right up to the loading dock area.

    – Entrance Closure: The entrance to the University Centre on the east side of the building (beside Oliver’s) will close once the fencing is erected. The entrance to the University Centre on the north-east corner (closest to Architecture and Mackenzie Field) will remain open during construction and will be enhanced with an access ramp and covered walkway.

    – Site Servicing: New connections will be required for water, storm and sanitary pipes. Building occupants will be advised when shutdowns will occur to transfer service to the new connections.

    – Piling: Once the site servicing is completed, piling will commence on the south, east and west sides of the building as is expected to take six weeks.

  • Beginning May 2005– Food Court Closure: The food court and cafeteria will close May 1 for the construction of the expanded and renovated space. The newly renovated food court is scheduled to re-open in September. During construction, Baker’s Grille will offer increased food selections.

    – Internet Café Closure: Will close on May 1 and will remain closed until January 2006. Given the importance of access to computers to students, an alternate location will be found for the Internet Café for the construction period. Students will be notified of the new location through Connect.

    – Main stairs: The main stairs leading to the fourth level will be closed in the summer for demolition and reconstruction. The exact date for closure has not yet been set.

  • What stays open?– Main elevator: the elevator will be operational through contruction this summer.

    – Oliver’s: Will not close this summer, although the patio space will be out of service once the construction fencing is erected. There will be some minor work within this space during off-hours.

    – Rooster’s: Will remain open with regular summer hours during the construction.

    – Tim Horton’s: The Tim Horton’s facility on the fourth level will remain open all summer. The smaller outlet on the first level will be closed as usual for the summer.

    – Baker’s Grille: Will increase its capacity with a new servery and more menu and take-out options.

    – Level one retail: The Store, Photo Shop, and Travel Cuts etc. will remain open during construction.

    – Porter Hall: Will remain open. However, exams will NOT be held in Porter Hall in April.

    – Mike’s Place: Will be open for business as usual. There will be some minor work in this space during scheduled times.

    – Information Carleton: will remain open during the summer at its usual location.

    – Fifth floor services: All services as well as the GSA and CUSA offices will be open regular summer hours.

  • Construction Scheduled for Summer 2006– Bookstore
    – Oliver’s Renovation
    – Renewed Elevator

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