Third time at the top

They’ve done it again—and the whole city was talking about it.

The Ravens men’s basketball team came home heroes from Halifax with a third national championship title under their belt.

They’re used to winning, having won all but one regular and post season games in the past three years. Still, the thrill of victory hasn’t waned.

“The first time we won was so amazing, and repeating it last year was even better. I really can’t believe we’ve done it again. It’s an awesome feeling. This is the best team, and I’m so glad to have been a part of it. Everyone was out there playing their best,” says Mike Smart, who was voted Championship MVP.

The Ravens’ unbelievable winning streak hasn’t entirely been an easy ride though, says Head Coach Dave Smart. “These guys go out and work hard every game. There are no easy wins, which we’ve seen with some close calls,” he says. “It’s especially important when you get to the final ten teams not to take anything for granted. Sure we could have a long track of wins behind us, but you have to focus on the game in play. When you’re on the court in a final game at the national championship, that’s the only game that matters.”

Third-year guard, Osvaldo Jeanty was named MVP of the championship game for a record third straight time, scoring 24 points, including an incredible record of eight three-point baskets.

Jeanty will be back next year and will hopefully help the team maintain its solid reign. The team says goodbye, however, to two graduating veterans, Mike Smart and Matt Ross. Fortunately, neither one of them will feel far away with Smart’s uncle Dave and brother Rob as team coaches, and Matt’s younger brother Pat still running the court.

“It’s been an unbelievable five years. It’s hard to leave this behind, we’ve had such a great run, and it’s a great team to be part of,” says Matt Ross.

Head Coach Dave Smart seconds the notion. “That’s the other important factor. It’s a great team. It’s not about one player or another, it’s about working together. The roster has changed a lot in each of the last three years, but what’s kept us on top, I think, is the way these guys can work together.”

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