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The summer is winding down, and we’re gearing up to welcome new and returning students and faculty in a few weeks. We’re also looking forward to no fewer than five major capital projects including a twin-pad ice arena, a library storage facility, major renovations to the University Centre, construction of a lounge area in the tunnel junction, and continued construction of the Alumni Hall and Sports Centre.

The firm McDonald Brothers Construction has been selected to begin detailed design and construction of a twin-pad ice facility. The building will be adjacent to the current gymnasium and will provide many benefits to our students. In fact, Carleton is one of only a few Ontario universities without an ice facility. The new arena will cost $14 million, and will be completed by fall 2005.

To be constructed next to the arena is a 10,000 square-foot facility dedicated to the storage of infrequently used library holdings from both Carleton and the University of Ottawa. The new building will allow the University to introduce a learning commons in the Library and convert some stacks to student study areas.

In other athletics construction news, the Alumni Hall and Sports Centre is expected to be completed and ready for use in January 2005. After learning the new hall was being built on an old landfill site, removal of contaminated soil caused a three-month delay and an additional cost of $500,000. Construction resumed, however, and is moving along well.

Improvements will be underway across campus as well. Construction has already begun on a new student lounge located in the tunnel junction between the Library and Paterson Hall, and the nearby University Centre will be undergoing a major facelift and expansion including construction of an atrium between the Tory Building and the University Centre.

Finally, Carleton is also seeing physical growth off campus with the construction of the SNO research facility in Sudbury. At a cost of $42 million, this will be Carleton’s largest construction project. It includes a five-storey above-ground building and an ultra-clean laboratory complex, two kilometres underground. Carleton Physics Professor David Sinclair is the lead researcher at the international research centre. We have also started construction on a $7 million fire research facility in Almonte.

Needless to say, there are many projects underway, and the face of the campus is constantly changing. To keep track of all the construction and renovation projects, visit the Physical Plant on-line

Duncan Watt
Vice-President (Finance and Administration)

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