May and June Coverage; Election Coverage; Convocation

May and June Coverage:

On May 5, Katherine Graham, on CFRA, Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs and Management, was one of three guests on CFRA’s Broad Perspective. She talked about Carleton research that focuses on the relationship between municipal and federal governments in Canada. On May 21, she enthusiastically reacted to Bell Canada’s $1 million gift to Carleton for the CEDTAP fund. This story was picked up by the Ottawa Sun, and the Ottawa Citizen Business Desk. On June 8, she also offered her comments to the Ottawa Citizen about the NCC becoming a political hot potato during the federal election.

On May 13, CBC Newsworld and CBC Radio (afternoon shows across Canada) did a comprehensive interview with Elliott Tepper, Professor of Political Science, on what the world knows about Sonya Ghandi. On July 6, he was interviewed live on CBC Radio in Vancouver about the elections in Indonesia. He was also mentioned in the most recent Diplomat Magazine, in a lead article about Sri Lanka.

Associate Professor of Journalism, Lois Sweet was interviewed by the Toronto Star (May 15) about the ways in which gays and lesbians have been portrayed by the religious media.

Biology Professor George Carmody was interviewed by both CBOT and CBC Radio on May 17 during an update on the murder of Ardeth Wood.

Larry Black, Professor Emeritus of History was featured on CTV (Report on Business Television) on May 26 speaking about Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation address. Earlier in April, Black was featured on As It Happens talking about Igor Gouzenko.

A study by Business Professors Linda Duxbury and Judith Madill about Canadian professional women increasingly choosing not to have children, or to have only one, was featured in the National Post on May 31 and mentioned on CFRA.

Susan Gottheil, Associate Vice-President, Enrolment Management, (May 21) in the Ottawa Sun talked about the advantages for American Students studying at Canadian universities.

The Ottawa Citizen interviewed several Carleton University professors for a series of stories entitled “Field of Dreams” on the NCC’s grand plan to rebuild LeBreton Flats (May 15-29) including Architecture Professors Janine Debanné, Paul Kariouk, and Nan Griffiths (retired). Plans and perspective renderings of an alternative design to the NCC’s scheme for the LeBreton Flats, prepared by rofessors Debanné and Kariouk and a team of Carleton University Architecture students, appeared on May 29.

CBC Radio (April 28) interviewed Geology Professor, Keith Bell, on site in Stromboli, Italy where he and 10 Carleton students were on a fourth-year field trip looking at active volcanoes. They were accompanied by faculty and students from the University of Chieti. There was a followup story in the Ottawa Sun (June 11).

On May 26 on CBOT and The National, NSERC Research Chair J. David Miller said that a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences in the U.S. confirms his research that mold exacerbates allergy and asthma symptoms and is a serious problem. Also, he had a long interview on CBC Radio Maritime Noon on May 27.

Business Professors Lorraine Dyke, Stephen Maguire, and researcher Sean Lyons shared their research about values in a Globe and Mail exclusive on May 31. On June 2, CJRC talked about Lyons’ study about the different goals of society’s three generations. He was also featured in the Ottawa Citizen (June 1) and in the Ottawa Business Journal (June 14).

On June 2 on All in a Day, Bill Lawson reacted to the news that Nortel Networks had delayed releasing its revised financial results. He was also quoted on June 4 in the Ottawa Business Journal speaking about corporate governance and on June 7 talking about how “governance” is a running theme throughout the Sprott School’s MBA program and why this is an important element to build into the curriculum. In the Ottawa Citizen on May 28, he was quoted about the hiring of foreign technology employees/managers. On July 5, he spoke with CBC Radio about the Royal Bank’s response to its technology problem.

The National Post (June 11) referred to a study from the March issue of Canadian Public Policy by Economics Professor Frances Woolley in which she examined the mothers-only policy of the Child Tax Benefit.

Election Coverage:

Local and national media called upon several Carleton faculty for their expertise during the recent federal election including political scientists Jonathan Malloy, Jill Vickers and Jon Pammett; Richard Nimijean and François Rocher from Canadian Studies; Chris Dornan, Andrew Cohen, Paul Attallah, Mary McGuire, Allan Thompson, and Chris Waddell from the School of Journalism and Communication; Eileen Saunders, from Kroeger College; History Professor Duncan McDowall, Business Professor Bill Lawson; and Bruce Doern and Gene Swimmer from the School of Public Policy and Administration.


Spring Convocation media coverage featured an in-depth interview with Earth Sciences Professor Gail Atkinson, a profile of Chemistry Professor Bob Burk and quotations from Business Professors Vinod and Uma Kumar. Kumar pointed out, “Carleton provides a platform, an environment where a student can excel.” The Ottawa Sun mentioned three outstanding faculty advisors Piotr Dutkiewicz, Lois Frankel, and Del Muise.

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