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Breakdown: using bacteria to make toxic waste disappear

“There’s one section of the site where tar-like material had oozed out of the ground and onto the surface,” says Brenda Bailey, grimacing at the memory. ”As it cooled, it solidifi ed into balls—the size of golf balls.” It may sound like some futuristic, post-apocalyptic wasteland, but she is actually talking about Nova Scotia’s Sydney Tar Ponds site. Bailey is a Carleton University master’s student studying earth sciences with a … Continue 

‘Wiki-d’ new teaching methods help students collaborate

What does contemporary Japanese art have to do with Facebook, Myspace and other favourite technological pastimes? At first glance, nothing—but some students at Carleton University have brought them together to offer a more modern twist on methods Continue 

Lights, camera, action: First-year students film their research

It’s lights, camera, action for a group of first-year seminar students at Carleton University who have broken academia’s essay-and-assignment mould by Continue 

Students’ ideas lead to new international development course

It all started with a group of engineering students who thought something was missing from the Technology, Society, Environment Studies (TSE) program at Carleton University–course material about the developing world. As a result, starting in Continue 

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