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Industrial design that’s out of this world

Thomas Garvey takes out a book on Mars and flips to a picture of Olympus Mons, 13 miles high and the biggest volcano in the solar system. Since his early days in space-station research, the professor at Carleton’s School of Industrial Design has been a fan of The Red Planet’s terrain. So when Garvey needed ideas for his senior students’ annual comprehensive design projects, he decided to bring Mars into … Continue 

Transition and triumph

With the implementation of the Banner system, the centralization of Registrarial Services, and coping with the implications of the double cohort, University faculty, staff, and students are right on track with what management experts call a “five-step psychological process” for accepting change. The first phases, denial and resistance, have both been overcome. Carleton is now passing through the acknowledgment and acceptance phases, while steadying the pace towards the final phase, … Continue 

Carleton’s business school exported to China

Still an industrializing economy, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is looking to Carleton University to help modernize its business-management skills. An agreement to offer the University’s Master of Business Administration degree to students in China is a huge step in international relations. The program will be taught by Carleton’s Sprott School of Business faculty at Donghua University, in Shanghai, one of the country’s leading industrial academies in its biggest … Continue 

Contributing to the cosmic catcher’s mitt

It’s been 20 years since David Sinclair started looking for neutrinos, those solar-radiated little bits of mass that are supposed to be the fundamental particles of the universe. And with a million billion of the energy-bits hitting the Earth every day, physicists have long wondered why they can’t see all that many of them. Last year Sinclair, of Carleton University’s Department of Physics, helped answer that question as Principal Investigator … Continue 

Work and life — a challenging balancing act

When Health Canada asked Linda Duxbury to produce a series of studies on how Canadians view their work-life balance, no one expected such rattling results. Two years of research continually revealed such high levels of perceived stress at work and Continue 

All systems are “go” as final Banner module “goes live”

On January 1, the final module of Carleton’s Banner system slid into place. By mid-month, Human Resources will use it for the first time to administer Continue 

School of Social Work proposes development of Ph.D. program

Too few graduates, chasing too many jobs. It may not sound like a common scenario these days, but in Canadian social work, a critical lack of Ph.D. programs is starting to raise warning signs. If a proposal by Carleton’s School of Social Work to Continue 

Alumni get back while giving back

Everyone wins with one of Carleton University Alumni Association’s newest initiatives. Alumni get a break on the cost of tickets to special events, and a voluntary surcharge donation is quadrupled through matching funds from the association and Continue 

From the classroom to council – Carleton students leave their mark in municipal election

Twenty-eight days into his 20th year, Ike Awgu received 5,274 votes in Ottawa’s mayoral election. He finished in third place, an unexpected Continue 

Cohen nomination sets tone for international reporting

Andrew Cohen believes if you’re going to go out there, you’d better know where you’re from and how others view you. It’s what he tells his students in Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication when they ask about becoming foreign Continue 

Half the power, without a hitch

During the week following August’s electrical blackout, thousands of students and faculty converged on campus to register, check research, or just re-orient themselves back into Carleton life. What most didn’t know was that the University spent Continue 

A Carleton success story celebrates milestone

Right from the start, Carleton’s Instructional Television (itv) was destined to become much more than a video archive for students who overslept lectures or lived off campus. Its value as a distance-learning tool was recognized immediately, and Continue 

Understanding the emigrant experience

Leaving one’s home for a new life in another country can be traumatic. Before the introduction of modern communications, letters were the best and only way for travelers to define the experience and perhaps inspire them to pursue their dreams. It Continue 

A partnership forged in photonics

Carleton University popped the question, the University of Arizona said “I do” and one of the academic world’s most formidable partnerships in optical data became a reality. Officially, the two universities signed a Memorandum of Continue 

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