An RRRA prespective on Carleton’s new food service

When first-year students arrived at Carleton University this past September, they were unaware they would be the first generation of students to experience the new food service company on campus, Aramark Campus Services. As Carleton’s new food services provider, Aramark subjected the old cafeteria in residence commons to a multimillion dollar facelift, which included everything from the furniture and color scheme, to state-of-the-art preparation facilities located throughout the cafeteria. This new concept of a Fresh Food Co. brought the food preparation up front, where the students were provided with a variety of meal options, prepared at their request. Students can choose between several stations offering anything from freshly made vegetable stir-fry and roasted chicken or beef, to a fresh salad bar or pizza. Everything is, of course, all you can eat.

Despite these more positive features, students still complain about long entrance and entrée lines as well as a limited rotation of the entrées served from day to day. Also, cafeteria hours of operation is still an issue. The Aramark staff however, in unison with Carleton’s food services department, have shown a strong commitment to making the Fresh Food Co. the best it can be for students in residence. Aramark’s campus management have created a strong line of communication with the Rideau River Residence Association, which represents the needs and wishes of the residence students.

Adam DeCaire is the RRRA representative for fourth floor Dundas House.

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