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Carleton experts offer insight into tsunami tragedy

Assistant Professor of Social Work, Cecilia Taiana, spoke to the host of Breakfast at the New RO about the trauma facing the victims of the tsunami disaster in southeast Asia. She pointed out that those most susceptible to emotional trauma are children and those who have been displaced. Taiana was also interviewed on CBC’s All in a Day where she spoke about the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and how treatment programs could be set up in southeast Asia to help people deal with the trauma. The Ottawa Sun and the Ottawa Citizen also interviewed her on the same topic.

Associate Professor of Political Science, Elliott Tepper appeared on CJOH about the long-term effects of the tsunami disaster on southeast Asia, and what the future may hold for governments in the area. Tepper was also interviewed on the NewRO breakfast show where he discussed the political implications that come along with the tsunami disaster, saying matching “dollar for dollar offers” by the government should have been extended to encourage more donations.

Dane Rowlands, of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, appeared on CBC’s The National about the speed at which the Canadian government reacted to the tsunami disaster with financial aid and the deployment of the DART. While federal politicians defend their action, some say that Ottawa missed the opportunity to take the lead on this disaster.

Adjunct Journalism Professor David Van Praagh discussed with CJOH some of the positive outcomes from the tsunami disaster, explaining how victims from different religious and cultural backgrounds were coming together to grieve.

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Jonathan Malloy, an Assistant Professor of Political Science talked with CBC’s Ottawa Morning about Paul Martin’s first year in government, saying the sponsorship scandal had many negative effects, one being the fact that he had to spend the first few months travelling across the country trying to reassure Canadians.

Assistant Professor of Journalism, Allan Thompson, did a commentary for CBC Radio about the immigration policy story behind the Judy Sgro scandal, which was broadcast across the country. He also wrote a piece for the Toronto Star about Roméo Dallaire’s speech contrasting Canadians ignorance of the situation in Darfur, but compassion for those who are suffering as a result of the tsunami.

Bill Lawson from the Sprott School of Business spoke with CBC’s All in a Day about Nortel’s 2003 profit restatement and the resignation of five Nortel directors. He discussed the same issue with News Six Ottawa on the NewRO.

Director of the School of Journalism and Communication, Chris Dornan commented in the Toronto Star about how he finds it “odd” that Paul Martin prefers the small screen to small print. The Prime Minister did several year-end TV interviews but he has avoided sit-down sessions with print media.

Canada Research Chair of Molecular Physiology, Ken Storey, was recently interviewed for a feature article in the Washington Post about the medical applications of being able to freeze and thaw living things.

Professor Martin Rudner from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs was interview for an article in the Washington Post, which examined the administration of justice in Canada concerning counter-terrorism, Security Certificates, and indefinite detentions.

Economics Professor Frances Woolley did an interview for CBC Radio in central Newfoundland about whether Newfoundland is one of the most giving provinces, as suggested by some Statistics Canada surveys, or the least giving, as suggested by a recent report by the Fraser Institute.

Larry Black, Director of the Centre for Research on Canadian-Russian Relations, discussed with Report on Business TV about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the oil and gas business in Russia. The Centre was also covered twice in the Ottawa Citizen for the launch of the Centre’s fifth volume in the Canada-Russia Series. In addition, the launch of the book, A Jew In Deed, written by two Carleton grads, Imrich Rosenberg and Corey Goldman, was featured in a photo in Diplomatica in the Ottawa Citizen. Black was the emcee at the launch.

Canadian Studies Instructor Richard Nimijean was interviewed by John Ward of the Canadian Press about the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador’s order to remove the Canadian flag from all provincial buildings. The article was published in Maclean’s among other news outlets.

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