Lieff bursary will help students focus on academics and community

Students who spend four, six or even eight years at Carleton have a lasting bond with their alma mater. This is where they spend a formative time of their life, where they invest time, energy and effort, and where they prepare for the future.

Hilda Lieff spent 24 years at Carleton, giving her time and energy to help students and to create a safe and caring campus.

Her bond with Carleton is being celebrated with a memorial bursary that will continue to help students succeed.

“It was natural for us to do something in her memory at Carleton because the University was part of her identity,” says son Andrew Lieff, BAHon/77, who with his brother Stephen, BScHon/77, established the Hilda Lieff Memorial Bursary in 2006. “She was proud of Carleton, she placed a high value on education, and she cared about students.” Hilda worked for the Registrar’s Office, Building and Grounds, and Security Services until her retirement in 1988 at the age of 68. She fed her appetite for knowledge by pursuing professional development opportunities, taking evening courses at Algonquin College.

Her love of learning was passed to her children, who both attended Carleton and continue to engage in lifelong learning.

“We benefited in many ways from our mother working at an educational institution,” says Stephen. “One of the most important was having our tuition waived. Mom had challenging circumstances as a single parent, but as a Carleton employee she could ensure that we received a good education.” Now Hilda’s children want to ensure that other students in challenging circumstances have their chance to study at Carleton.

The bursary in Hilda’s name will be awarded to students in financial need.

“Learning is a wonderful thing, but when students have to work to survive while they are in school it adds to their stress and detracts from the educational experience,” says Stephen.

“This bursary will help recipients focus on academics and community,” adds Andrew. “It will help someone get a good start. Mom got a lot out of life, and this is an enduring way to support that spirit in others.”

Gifts to the Hilda Lieff Memorial Bursary will be matched by the Ontario Trust for Student Support. Readers can contribute by visiting to make an online gift (indicating the bursary) or by contacting Elizabeth DiSabato, Scholarship Development and Stewardship Specialist, at 613- 520-2600, ext. 8977, or

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