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For the month of March, Carleton’s Career Services is hosting a series of events that will give graduating students the tools to transition from campus life to their career.

Called Campus2Career, the first-time event strives to give graduating students the tools to deal with their pending job search. But there is something there for everyone, from first-year students, graduate students and alumni.

“They’re going to get some new information about  job searches, their industries – that kind of thing. What we really want to do is make sure that students are aware that Career Services is there, so that when it comes to graduation time it’s not the first time they’ve connected with us,” says Kerry Eamer, director of Co-op and Career Services.

Traditionally, graduating students only turn their attention to their futures after their final exams and then it can be a bit of a mad dash.

“It would be great if we could plant the seed about where they’d like to be in their industries, what kind of work appeals to them or if they are considering graduate school; then work with them to put together a workable plan that they can feel confident about when they graduate,” adds Eamer.

“We wanted to place an emphasis on career at a time when students might actually be able to pay attention to it. So, it’s right before they hit their exams and hopefully, for those students who have started their summer job search – just to get them thinking about what they need to do to take that next step.”

The key message Eamer and her team want students taking away from Campus2Career is to take control of their job search and create a roadmap to achieving their goals.

“Carleton cares about their futures. We are so happy that they chose to do their degrees at Carleton but we want them to know that just because they’ve graduated, doesn’t mean that they’re on their own in terms of their career – we’ll always be there to support them in whatever ways we possibly can.”

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