Carleton’s Foundry Program breeds success

Carleton’s Foundry Program recently celebrated its growing success with over 200 members of the Ottawa business community.

The event recognized the volunteers that help make the Foundry Program such a success, and showcased three companies created as a direct result of the program. Ottawa-based technology companies, ZeligSoft, Sourithm Corp. and Okulus Networks all have the FoundryProgram to thank for their birth.

The Foundry Program helps faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers with technology-based ideas, “giving them a bit of funding to move their idea to the next stage,” says Luc Lalande, Director of Technology and Research Development at Carleton University. “The program is focused on the idea of transferring the research idea into the commercial world.”

The program relies heavily on volunteers and the event was a chance to thank them for their generosity, notes Lalande who added that success of the program is booming thanks to their support. Over 60 volunteers helped to fund ten projects in just 18 months, since the program’s launch in April 2002.

It was easy to see the event was a success by the wave of positive feedback Lalande has received. “The wave of positive response after the event is very encouraging,” he says. “It shows the impact the Foundry Program can bring to the community.”

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