Professional Achievement Awards (Lecturer)

Established in 1989, three Lecturer (Instructor) employees are selected based on their outstanding performance in meeting their responsibilities. Each award is valued at $1,500.

Cheryl Stout
Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Cheryl Stout is being awarded a Professional Achievement Award for her teaching achievements, her work in fostering institutional contacts outside the University, and her leadership and collegiality in the administration of the Criminology and Criminal Justice program at Carleton. She has been teaching in the criminology program since 1994, first as a sessional lecturer and then as a full-time Instructor III. In addition to her teaching duties, she is responsible for organizing and administering field placements and field placement seminars for 80 students. Her success in conducting these challenging seminars is based on imaginative and supportive teaching strategies as well as a sound grasp of both the theories and practicalities of working with the numerous institutions of the criminal justice system. Her duties also include managing the administrative staff and she has ensured stability and continuity in the institute. In addition, she chairs the subcommittee on curriculum review and development.

Nandini Sarma
Department of French

Nandini Sarma is regarded by her peers as an exceptionally gifted language teacher. Always enthusiastic and skillful, she creates in class an atmosphere conducive to learning. Her success is reflected in her teaching scores, which are always well above the department and faculty averages. She is a significant contributor in the French Department, co-ordinating and designing language courses, serving on the planning committee, and currently serving as assistant chair. She is also active in the field of applied linguistics and is treasurer of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics. Nardini Sarma is awarded a Professional Achievement Award for her teaching excellence, exceptional organizational skills, and her outstanding commitment to Carleton University and her department.

John Buschek
Technology, Society and the Environment Program

John Buschek is awarded a Professional Achievement Award in recognition of his effectiveness as a teacher and his contributions to the TSE program. His background makes him exceptionally well-suited to teach in a multidisciplinary program concerned with the interactions of technology with society and the environment. A chemist by training, he is active in environmental matters having served as a member of the Environmental Appeal Board of Ontario and as the chemist aboard the Greenpeace research vessel “Beluga”. He was a medical specialist in the US army, with a tour of duty in Vietnam, and is an accomplished poet. With this varied experience and widespread knowledge of current issues, he is a very effective teacher in the challenging TSE courses where students in one class often come from as many as 13 different degree programs. In addition to his teaching, he supervises research projects and in 2001-02 served as Chair of the program.

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