Welcome. Booshoo. Welkom. Witamy. Osiyo.

Arabic or Swedish. Korean or Hebrew.

Everyone’s welcome at Carleton.

Equity Service’s multi-coloured posters, celebrating the university’s diversity and welcoming students and faculty in 64 languages, is a new fixture across campus.

The messaging for the new posters and banners was created after Equity Services decided it was a great way to give a warm, welcoming message to Carleton’s diverse students and faculty. The posters also read “dignity, equality and respect” across the top, in addition to the welcome messages in various languages

“Carleton is very, very committed to being a welcoming environment, an inclusive environment,” said Linda Capperauld, director of Equity Services. “We’re celebrating the fact that we have so many different people here at Carleton.”

It also is a way of reaching out and helping members of the Carleton community feel like they belong, says Smita Bharadia, an equity adviser in Equity Services.

“It’s a sense of belonging when someone walks in and sees a welcome sign in their own language,” says Bharadia. “It’s a sense of being valued and respected.”

The first three languages listed on the posters are Algonquin, English and French. Capperauld points out that this reflects the country’s two official languages and the fact that Carleton is located on Algonquin territory.

While the posters should help people feel more included on campus, Capperauld says they also aim to create awareness about Carleton’s true diversity.

Bharadia and Capperauld say their goal is to have permanent banners displayed on campus in the University Centre and other buildings.

“We hope it will send the message that we do celebrate the diversity on campus and that everyone has a positive experience here,” adds Capperauld.

The banner is also posted on the university’s main web site and posters are available at the Equity Services office for any student or faculty member who would like their own.

“This is only the beginning,” says Bharadia. “We’re going to find many different ways to send out the message of dignity, equality and respect.”

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Kristy Strauss

By Kristy Strauss

Kristy Strauss graduated from Carleton's journalism program in 2009. She is a regular contributor to Carleton Now. She has worked as a reporter for the Kemptville Advance. She currently reports for EMC Ottawa South.

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