Carleton student recognized for long-time contributions to engineering

Fourth-year computer systems engineering student, Rohit Saxena will be leaving a legacy of enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit when he graduates this June.

Since first coming to Carleton in 1998, Saxena has developed into an accomplished student motivator and mentor, something that recently earned him the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students’ Leadership Award. The award recognizes students who have, through various university and community activities, promoted the good of engineering to society.

As a teenager, Saxena was hired as one of the high tech summer camp, Virtual Ventures’ first volunteers. And, his summer career continued to flourish. “By the time I was 18, I was managing a staff of 40,” he says.

He says his time with the camp was a major factor in his choosing to study at Carleton University. “The faculty and students I met were so awesome,” he says. “The energy and entrepreneurial spirit was really amazing.”

Saxena himself demonstrates a healthy level of passion for Carleton engineering, having remained actively involved in the faculty’s student engineering society since his first year of study. Through the creation of a unique “Carleton Student Engineering Passport,” Saxena increased student spirit and doubled participation in social and charity events, and through various engineering events, has also been directly responsible for raising more than $20,000 for local charities including the Royal Ottawa Health Care Foundation.

Still, with all his accomplishments Saxena maintains a humble demeanour. “The team makes me what I am,” he says. In many ways, he says there are many activities he organizes that offer him “the chance to give back to high school students the way others gave to me.”

After six years of gusto and hard work, Saxena reflects on his many responsibilities and accomplishments. “It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not,” he says. “I’ve met some amazing people.” And in regards to slowing down his participation in activities promoting engineering, Saxena says: “I love it too much to be tired of it.”

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