Generosity breeds opportunity

Behind every success story is the support of people with big hearts, and much of the success of the Carleton Nunavut B.A. Project can be accredited to the Maurice Price Foundation.

Since its launch in 2001 by Carleton’s Centre for Initiatives in Education (CIE), in partnership with Nunavut Arctic College, the Maurice Price Foundation has generously donated over $50,000 towards the project, including a recent gift of $95,000. The CIE would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support of the Maurice Price Foundation for this educational initiative.

“The funding from the Maurice Price Foundation has allowed the Carleton Nunavut B.A. Project to continue and develop into completion,” says Patricia Reynolds, Nunavut Education Project leader, First-Year Seminar instructor, and Aboriginal Enriched Support Program leader.

The donation of the Maurice Price Foundation has been an asset in allowing this program to exist. Their funding provided students in Nunavut with an introduction to part-time university studies, so that they may start, continue, and in some cases complete a degree without leaving their job or the territory. In addition, the funding has allowed for student support, instruction and facilitation.

“Their contribution has helped to increase access to university courses on site in Nunavut for the Nunavummiut, who appreciate this opportunity to begin, continue, or complete their studies at home,” says Reynolds.

Since the start of the project, Nunavut Arctic College has been offering part-time courses and course facilitation workshops in Iqualuit. The program is geared towards providing increased access to B.A. studies for Nunvummiut, particularly towards degree studies in the arts and social sciences, with a focus on community work and social justice.

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