Carleton Complete overview

Carleton Complete highlights the complete university experience and promotes the completion of a university degree.

It is a package of initiatives to ensure student success in academic pursuits and extra-curricular activities.

New or enhanced components:

Academic Advising: Student Academic Success Centre identifies students struggling in a course through an Early Warning Initiative and sets up appointments to discuss an improvement plan.

Student Mental Health Advisory Committee: a poster campaign and online promotions are targeting training and information sessions for faculty and staff.

New Exam Centre: The University Registrar’s Office in collaboration with the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities set up an exam room designed specifically to accommodate students with disabilities.

New Co-Curricular Transcript: recognizes beyond-the-classroom experience and can be used to highlight a student’s educational career when applying for work or further education.

New Registration Assistance: web-based tool ensures students have access to mandatory courses in order to complete their degree requirements on time.

Student Experience Office: encourages student engagement on and off campus and is introducing new programs, such as Frost Week to welcome students in January as well as a Learning to Lead program.

MyCareer online job search tool: is a user-friendly one-stop online job search for undergraduates and recent graduates.

Existing components:

Academic Support: includes peer assisted study sessions and learning support services.

Orientation: provides summer, fall, winter and academic orientation programs.

Community service learning: offers students ties to the community through experiential learning.

Career support

Leadership development

Scholarships and bursaries: $14.7 million in scholarships and bursaries has been awarded to more than 9,000 students.

International: support for international students, while Carleton students are encouraged to travel aboard.

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