Teaching Achievement Awards

Teaching Achievement Awards recognize the high quality of instruction at Carleton. Each award is valued at $15,000.

  • Robert Burk
    Department of Chemistry
    Bob Burk exemplifies the highest quality of teaching excellence. He is an innovator, an outstanding teacher, and a recognized scholar. As an innovator, he has been at the forefront in using technology to enhance the learning experience and appeal to different learning styles. His imaginative use of technology and engaging teaching style have earned him seven teaching awards in the past 10 years. He will use this Teaching Achievement Award to integrate streamed lectures of first-year Chemistry with other material into an interactive learning environment that can be viewed on any computer with fast Internet access.
  • Mira Sucharov
    Department of Political Science
    Mira Sucharov is a dynamic and dedicated teacher who has the ability to communicate complex ideas by bridging the gap between theory and practical application. Her courses in international relations, global politics, and comparative foreign policy have received teaching scores from her students that are among the highest in the department and the Faculty. She has been awarded a Teaching Achievement Award to develop a third-year course entitled “Peace and Conflict in the Middle East” and a related conference on the theme “Teaching in the Middle East” that will generate new approaches to scholarly debate and analysis on the nature of national interests, collective narratives and identity.
  • Michael Runtz
    Department of Biology
    Michael Runtz has a passion for teaching. Since 1988, he has introduced more than 15,000 students to the magic of biology through his Natural History lectures. The popularity of his courses are due in large part to his award-winning natural history photographs used to visually enhance course content. This Teaching Achievement Award will be used to purchase video-recording equipment for the production of “virtual reality” natural history education material that will be added to the course content. As Runtz says, nature is alive; nature is dynamic.

    From – http://www.now.carleton.ca/2004-05/344.htm

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