Non-academic recruitment goes electronic

Carleton University’s non-academic recruitment process is about to get considerably better. This month the Department of Human Resources is implementing iRecruiter, a new Electronic Recruitment System (ERS) to help make the staffi ng process easier and faster for hiring managers, candidates and human resources professionals.

An ERS is a web-based software solution that speeds up the process of filling staff vacancies in a variety of areas, including requisition submission, job posting and employment equity.

“Carleton has moved into the electronic era in order to improve the quality and efficiency of our hiring processes,” explains Assistant Director Greg Hedgecoe. In 2003, it took an average of 92 calendar days to fill non-academic positions. “The process was obviously taking too long to complete. The forms and main process steps, however, are very similar to those with which managers are already familiar.”

The ERS is being implemented in response to an employee satisfaction survey administered last year. Survey results indicated that hiring managers wanted to see a decrease in the overall length of time required to staff a non-academic position. These results led to a process benchmarking initiative and, ultimately, a recommendation to purchase and implement an electronic system. The iRecruiter software has been customized to meet Carleton’s specific needs and tested by a pilot group of hiring managers and job seekers.

Yolana Junco, the administrative officer for the Faculty of Science, was one of 30 managers who provided feedback on the new system. What sold her on iRecruiter was the fact that the software will speed up the time between applying for a job and getting an interview for non-academic staff. Plus, “hiring managers will have a clear picture of how and where the process is going.”

iRecruiter will officially launch on May 7. Brief “lunch and learn” sessions will run during the weeks of April 30 and May 7. Register online at

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