Reviving the Faculty Club

Initiatives have begun to revive the Faculty Club at Carleton. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, Don Wiles, provides answers to some common questions as the plans unfold:

What is the history of the Faculty Club?

“The Faculty Club first started on First Avenue – even before I came to Carleton. It consisted of a collection of people who came together a few times a year for Christmas parties and the like. It evolved into a sort of Friday night bar, then more of a restaurant. The most important thing about the club was that is became a daily meeting place for faculty members from all departments. There was a survey done not too long ago, which showed there were about 2,000 formal and informal meetings per year in the Faculty Club, which involved things like faculty members meeting with each other, with graduate students, or with visiting scientists and the like. Now these meetings have to happen off campus, if at all.”

Why is the Faculty Club so important?

“Without a Faculty Club, what we miss is the opportunity for conversation.

It was a place to meet with colleagues, and not only immediate colleagues, but colleagues in other departments you may not see otherwise.”

What initiatives are being taken to revive the Faculty Club at Carleton?

“We are planning two events, the first of which will take place on November 19. It will be a reception aimed at former members of the Faculty Club, but also for any other faculty members who have an interest in the Club. The second event will be a gourmet dinner of the sort we used to have so long ago. It will be an opportunity for good conversation over a good meal and a good bottle of wine. Details haven’t been finalized for the events yet, but will be soon.”

To find out more about the two events planned, contact either Don Wiles at or Nandini Sarma at

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