University Safety News November 2009

Safety Tip of the Month

The Department of University Safety advise the community of a recent increase in theft of bicycles on campus. Over 20 bikes have been stolen since September 5, most of which were expensive bicycles secured with a cable lock. Bike owners are encouraged to switch from cable locks to a more secure U-shaped lock. The Department offers a free bicycle registration service which aids in the recovery of your bike if it is stolen. For more information visit the bicycle registration link at


There are a few actions you can take to prevent bicycle theft. Firstly, secure your bike with a U-shaped lock. Bikes which are locked with a tire removed require more time and effort to steal. A disassembled bicycle is less of a target for thieves. For a yearly fee bike owners can store their bicycle in a secure compound operated by parking services.

Information provided by Department of University Safety. Please visit for more updates.

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