Convocation: Chancellor’s Medal winner “bettered” by Carleton experience

Jason Levesque

As Chancellor’s Medal winner Jason Levesque graduates with an honours bachelor of arts degree in psychology this November, he reflects on his decision to attend Carleton University.

“My mom,” says Levesque, “went back to school about 10 years ago, taking a few psychology courses, and she told me how stellar Carleton’s program was and how exceptional her experience with the professors had been.”

Levesque, 26, had already completed a double major in mathematics and economics at the University of Ottawa, but his desire to round out his experience steered him to Carleton’s psychology program to study behavioural economics.

“I wanted to have a greater understanding of human psychology before I started studying its application to economic principles.”

Admitting his three years at Carleton equalled that of his mother, Levesque says he had a “wonderful experience” in the psychology program and acknowledges professors Guy Lacroix and Natalie Jones, in particular, for their assistance.

“This is not to say I am not appreciative of every professor I had the pleasure of being instructed by,” acknowledges Levesque, who is currently taking a leave from academia to volunteer at local high schools and the Children’s Aid Society.

“This is partially because I want to help the community, but also because I need a little break from school. But I will be back studying hard in 2012,” he says. “My goal is to do graduate work in behavioural economics and, specifically, to try and improve some of the underlying assumptions of microeconomics through a broader understanding of human psychology.”

Levesque appreciates that his hard work and dedication has been recognized with the Chancellor’s Medal.

“I want to give my sincere thanks to Carleton and its faculty,” he adds. “They have given me every opportunity to better myself and have provided me with an optimal situation for growth, improvement and self-discovery. I feel genuinely bettered for having attended such a fine institution and to be recognized is a wonderful, though unexpected, bonus.”

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By Susan Hickman

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