A United Way campaign reaches for ambitious goals

It will be an exciting and challenging time from now through the end of October as Carleton’s United Way campaign aims for its 2003 target.

These goals include a donation mark of $145,000 as well as a 50-percent participation rate from university employees. To achieve this, volunteers will seek the generosity of the University community as they work to help fund a 71-year-old campaign that strives for community-based solutions to big-city problems.

The University’s main event comes October 9 when Carleton President Richard Van Loon hosts his Oktoberfest luncheon. The event will also focus on Canadian beef and its producers who have had a difficult year.

Volunteers, including varsity athletes who are preparing for the Ravens’ (basketball) Turkey Shoot and the one-day Loonie Landing canvassing project, will work continually throughout the month on campus.

Other events include a silent auction, a 50/50 Board Draw, Bingo, and a Christmas bake sale, to happen in December. For more information contact Marge Brooks, at extension 3743, or visit the University’s United Way Web site at www.carleton.ca/unitedway

Nominations for the 2003 Barbara Wells Award, presented annually to the most-committed volunteer at Carleton, can also be made on-site.

From – http://www.now.carleton.ca/2003-10/234.htm

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