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Public Administration Professor Gene Swimmer told the Ottawa Citizen (August 23) that a new spending review secretariat inside the Privy Council Office does not bode well for stalled labour negotiations in the Government. He told the Ottawa Sun (August 23) that the Government wants to take a fairly hard line in this round of bargaining. He was also interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen, CBOT, CJOH , CBC Radio (Ottawa, Quebec, and Ontario Morning), and CKLW (Windsor) about the Federal labour relations situation including the rotating Parks strike, the current negotiations at Revenue and Taxation, and commented on the public service generally. He was also interviewed on September 8 by Global Television, CBC Radio National News, and Canadian Press on the Revenue Canada strike and did 10 syndicated interviews on various CBC radio morning shows (September 9) on the same subject.

In the Ottawa Citizen (August 25), Doug Huckvale, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, explained the advantages of college students pursuing a university degree.

Karen Haarbosch, Manager of Accommodation Services, responded to an Ottawa Citizen story (August 28) about a surplus of rental accommodation for students this fall. She said she hadn’t heard of any students unable to find housing. Director of Housing David Sterritt indicated to CFRA (August 4) that we are seeing less concern expressed by students for off-campus housing because the supply has increased making it easier to obtain.

Engineering (Electronics) Professor John Rogers spoke with CJOH on August 26 about the Government funded Canadian Microelectronics Corporation that helps to provide advance research gear and in turn encourages professors to stay in Canada.

Business Professor Bill Lawson was interviewed on All in a Day and CBC Radio News (August 19) about Nortel Networks plans to hire an ethics officer to help avoid future financial scandals. He was featured on the New RO on August 19 talking about investing in Google; on CBC Radio on September 2 talking about Conrad Black and expenditures and ethics at Hollinger. On CBC Radio (September 8), he also spoke about the possibility of a new Sprott School program in China in conjunction with the Shanghai University of International Studies.

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