Faculty accomplishments

Watson conducts ground-breaking research into Canadian English immigrants

Visiting Professor, Murray Watson, will explore the English immigrant population in Canada through a pilot project of oral history research this fall. According to Watson, Canada is essentially an immigrant society and the English have arguably formed the largest group, yet, little information can be found about them. Watson’s research seeks to fi ll the research void into the English immigrant population in Canada. He is in the process of looking for post-war English born immigrants to give oral testimonies to help reveal the inner-life experience of migration.

SNOLAB receives $8.73 million to build a cryopit

Carleton University physicists received $8.73 million on August 21, 2007, from the Ontario government to expand the SNOLAB research facility to build a cryopit, a large cavern to store the low-temperature liquids and gases needed to conduct large-scale cryogenic experiments for the next generation of research into dark matter particles on August 21, 2007. Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci announced the province will spend $5.6 million through the Ontario Research Fund and $3.13 million through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

Hayley wins two-year grant from the Parkinson Society Canada

Shawn Hayley (Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology and Canada Research Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience) has won a two-year grant from the Parkinson Society Canada. The grant will support Hayley’s work on processes, pesticides and infl ammatory immune factors that lead to Parkinson’s disease in an animal model. This is the fi rst time that Carleton University has received a Parkinson Society Canada grant, and it is one of only four given to a new researcher this year.

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