Housing security guards now part of University Safety

Housing security guards now fall under University Safety (File Photo)

Carleton’s housing security guards have a new boss.

The group of 22 now fall under the Department of University Safety (DUS), but their role and responsibilities remain the same.

It’s all part of a transition that began over the summer and includes additional specialized training, and undergoing a provincial test to become licensed.

Under Ontario’s Private Security and Investigative Services Act, all security guards are required to be trained and certified, says Richard Sabourin, who is DUS’ investigations and training co-ordinator.

“The job is still the same. Some of the procedures and policies that you have may change and the supervisor has changed, but the job is still the same,” says Sabourin.

“It’s a different supervision structure. They are now supervised by the shift managers here (in DUS). “

The residence security guards are responsible for patrolling the residence precinct and provide education to students about expectations and rules about living in residence. And, there is always an overarching responsibility to ensure that residence is safe for students.

“The key reason for the change is that there have been a lot of changes in the provincial legislation for what is required of security guards and security agencies in terms of what kind of training you have to provide them with and what kind of supervision that they have to have,” explains Sabourin.

“The provincial legislation now is very specific about what is training is required before a person is issued a licence – and they all have to be licensed,” adds Al Burns, director of University Safety.

There is a long history of DUS and the housing security staff working together, says Sabourin, so bringing them formally under DUS made sense.

“They’re a good group. We have always worked closely with residence security.”

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