Engineering and Design

Adrian Chan
Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Believing “a teacher hasn’t taught until a student has learned,” Carleton’s newest assistant professor in Systems and Computer Engineering is heavily involved in cutting-edge, biomedical-engineering research. Chan will use Carleton’s new electronic “nose” to determine whether certain diseases respond effectively to this kind of diagnostic tool. He has also researched how muscles can be used for speech recognition, a theory that emerged from experiments attaching medical electrodes to facial muscles permitting voiceless speech. He came to Carleton because it is “big enough to have the necessary major facilities and resources, yet small enough so that you can feel like you are part of a community.”

Peter Liu
Professor, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

The university-faculty scene is a new one for Liu, who earned his Ph.D. last year from the University of Alberta. Yet his research work in Internet and on-line robots is distinguished enough for Liu to have been recently appointed as a Canada Research Chair in Interactive Network Computing and Teleoperation by Industry Canada. “I chose Carleton because of its excellence in high tech information technology, and I also feel very comfortable here,” says Liu, who will continue to enlarge on his networks, communications and robotics expertise to develop a framework for remote control of robots via the Internet.

Henry Saari
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

“It will be really interesting to work on the other side of the desk.” After taking his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate at Carleton, Saari has moved easily into his new role as a teacher at the University. His work on high-temperature, gas-turbine materials fits well into Carleton’s aerospace program that is well-known for aerodynamics and structures research. Saari is in the process of developing his own research program, and the independence is one reason why he chose to stay in Ottawa. “ I know this department provides an excellent education for undergraduates, and I’m looking forward to being part of that,” he says.

Bjarki Hallgrimsson
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Design

A love of teaching pulled Hallgrimsson away from his thriving industrial design company, Hallgrimsson Product Development, and into Carleton’s orbit. “Ironically, most of my teaching experience has been in the actual work environment, where I have mentored and influenced many newly graduated designers,” he says. While Hallgrimsson is interested in becoming more involved in Carleton’s master’s degree program, he is most excited about the opportunity to engage young minds. “I wish to make sure students realize that they need to think about problems they are solving in broad, creative terms. I believe that design needs to be taught holistically, with a focus on the unique responsibilities of the industrial designer, while recognizing and appreciating marketing, engineering and manufacturing concerns.”

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