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Allan Thompson
Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Communication

Seventeen years after graduating from Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication, Thompson is back on campus, this time as Assistant Professor. In 1986, he was the first recipient of the Gordon Sinclair Scholarship, and used the $10,000 prize to enrol at the University of Kent. After completing his M.A. in International Relations, Thompson covered the business and immigration beats for the Toronto Star, starting in 1991. Transferred to Ottawa in 1994, he covered two general elections; a Quebec referendum; numerous visits by the Prime Minister across Canada and to Africa and Europe; and has reported from Russia, Kazakhstan, Somalia, Rwanda, Zaire, and Sierra Leone.

Randall Germain
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Carleton’s Capital advantage strikes again. Ottawa’s position as a G8-nation capital city plus its ability to act as a base for Germain’s global-finance-governance research worked together to persuade Germain to choose Carleton. Leaving the University of Wales’ (Aberystwyth) Department of International Politics – the first and oldest department in the world – was not easy. “After 10 years in the U.K., it was an opportune time to return to Canada, and Carleton had both a position open in my area and a growing profile in international relations, coupled with a strong research support environment,” says Germain. An avid collector of wines, he finally convinced his wife and four daughters of Ottawa’s benefits.

Ramazan Gençay
Professor, Department of Economics

Carleton’s emphasis on research support was one of the main reasons Gençay left his professorship in economics at the University of Windsor to move to Ottawa with his wife and two daughters. The University of Houston Ph.D. graduate has held visiting positions at universities in the United States, Switzerland and Turkey while defining his specialty of high-frequency finance, which is best-explained on his home page Gençay is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Finance Research Letter, underscoring the need for solid research, and labels his teaching philosophy “an understanding of theory with hands-on applications.”

(Professor Gençay was unavailable to have his photo taken.)

Michael Hine
Assistant Professor, Eric Sprott School of Business

University of Manitoba’s loss is Carleton’s gain as Hine brings his information-systems skills east. The decision to move was made because of Carleton’s “quality, diversity, and number of Information Systems faculty and because of the School’s well-developed curriculum,” Hine notes. His resume includes four years as technical director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s much-admired WorkWORLD decision-support system, which includes software that helps persons with disabilities make informed work-transition decisions. Since earning his Ph.D. from Arizona State University, Hine has spent 10 years conceptualizing, designing and validating various types of information systems and will continue researching applied Decision-Support Systems in the social-policy domain at Carleton.

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