Service Anniversaries — September 2016

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

  • Gerry Rondot, Computing and Communications Services

30 Years

  • Amy Bartholomew, Law & Legal Studies
  • Carole Craswell, School of Journalism & Communication
  • Mamta Pathak, Library
  • David Raffler, Residences – Conference Services
  • Nandini Sarma, French
  • Barbara Shannon, Studies in Art & Culture

25 Years

  • Dina Bruneau, Student Affairs
  • Heather Cross, Library
  • Metin Yaras, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

20 Years

  • Julie Bebbington, Co-operative Education
  • James Cheetham, Biology
  • Lucie Fontein, Architecture & Urbanism

15 Years

  • Samuel Ajila, Systems & Computing Engineering
  • Ann Bold, Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Gillian Bose, Linguistics & Language Studies
  • Julia Carey, Linguistics & Language Studies
  • Chung Lung, Systems & Computing Engineering
  • Claire Ryan, The Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Jerome Talim, Systems & Computing Engineering
  • Helen Triantafellou, Linguistics & Language Studies
  • Anthony White, Computer Science
  • Pamela Wolff, Chemistry

10 Years

  • Sally Babson, University Communications
  • Greg Bugler, Human Resources
  • Jennifer Elliott, Undergraduate Recruitment Office
  • Mihaela Flueraru, Biology
  • Robyn Green, Kroeger College in Public Affairs
  • Wayne Horn, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Mark MacLeod, Cognitive Science
  • Gen McLean, International Affairs

5 Years

  • Gregory Bulte, Biology
  • David Hunt, Facilities Management and Planning
  • Diane Isabelle, Sprott School of Business
  • Alain Robineau, Co-operative Education
  • Alana Skwarok, Library
  • Eddie Villarta, Computing and Communications Services

1 Year

  • Gillian Alexander-Nelson, Co-operative Education
  • Kristin Allen, Purchasing
  • Kaitlin Barkley, Psychology
  • Gorana Botic, Psychology
  • Kristin Connor, Health Sciences
  • Stefanie Doucett, University Safety
  • Katherine Gardner, Educational Development Centre
  • Roisin Holahan, Advancement
  • Kama Hutchence, Board of Governors
  • Mohamed Ibn Kahla, Systems & Computing Engineering
  • Mary MacLatchy, Co-operative Education
  • Hillary Maddin, Earth Sciences
  • Angela McCormick, Electronics
  • Nimal Rajapakse, Office of the Vice-President (Research & International)
  • Dan Rubinstein, University Communications
  • Edward Urbanski, Industrial Design

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