Carleton University Medallists

Governor General’s Medal – Bachelor’s Level
Jerry Situ, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Statistics

The Chancellor’s Medal
Rowan Fiona Thomson, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Mathematics and Physics

The President’s Medal
Adam John Hartling, Bachelor of Arts, Criminology and Criminal Justice (Law)

University Medal for Outstanding Graduate Work—Ph.D. Level
Samuel Scott, Cognitive Science

University Medal for Outstanding Graduate Work—Master’s Level
Sinan Tasdoken, Master of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering

University Medal in Interfaculty Studies
Marcie E. Penner-Wilger, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Cognitive Science

University Medal in Arts
Julie Astrid McIssac, Honours Music
Emily Jane Rothwell, Honours Art History

University Medal in Science
Catherine Burroughs, Honours Chemistry and Geology

University Medal in Mathematics
Erin Irene Hay Hoe, Honours Computer Mathematics
Esteban Gomez-Riviere, Honours Mathematics

University Medal in Computer Science
Tobin McClean

University Medal in Engineering
Mark David DeAbreau, Computer Systems

University Medal in Architectural Studies
Tommy R. Bonhomme

University Medal in Industrial Design
Marcel Naegelkraemer

University Medal in Humanities
Erik H. Stephenson

University Medal in Public Affairs and Policy Management
Scott M. Fitzsimmons

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