Marketing career gets early launch

For Bachelor of Commerce graduate Sean MacPhedran, life is moving at a pretty fast pace these days.

Three days after handing in his last university assignment he moved to Toronto and a few days later began his job as an assistant client associate at the iconoclastic direct marketing agency Lowe RMP.

And it’s not just any job. As the winner of the Canadian Direct Marketing Scholarship MacPhedran’s “prize” included a summer internship at the firm. His academic performance as well as his 1,000 word essay on why “e-mail is going to be the killer marketing application” won him the honour, as well as $2,500 in cash.

“Such awards really reflect the excellent calibre of our students and make us proud,” says Dr. Vinod Kumar, Director of the Sprott School of Business.

MacPhedran says he feels like he has had no time to absorb the fact that he has finished his life as an undergraduate, though Convocation will likely help with that. “And it sinks in a little bit more each morning when I’m heading into work,” he jokes.

While he began academic life as a Bachelor of Arts student with the intention of moving on to law, after his first year he felt he wanted something different. Changing his program to Business “took about one minute” and he’s been impressed by Carleton’s “lack of bureaucracy” and friendly attitude ever since.

MacPhedran is excited about what his job holds in store. He’ll be working on two accounts, creating a Web site, radio and various other media ads, and other campaigns.

This is a graduate who is passionate about his chosen line of work. “I love marketing,” he says and hopes one day to have his own consulting company. As he points out, his Carleton business degree will “let me get my feet wet in virtually every area, so I’m glad I chose the way I did.”

Dr. Louise Heslop remembers Sean as having a very mature, inquiring mind with an ability to see how ideas and theories can be applied to develop solutions to real world problems.

“It’s an invaluable combination for success,” she says. “He made an excellent contribution in class—upbeat, thoughtful, creative.”

While he doesn’t yet know what lies beyond the summer, he’d certainly be amenable to staying on at Lowe, where he would join two other Carleton alumni.

“The people here are smart, creative, and generally wonderful…there’s also free coffee,” he laughs.

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