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Letters to the editor

Re: Wikipedia Kids I am writing to clarify several points made by Ira Wagman in his opinion article Are the ‘Wikipedia Kids’ all right? No need to panic. Contrary to his suggestion, the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations’ recent member survey was not Continue 

Re: Award winner a role model for young women

Thank you very much for sending along a copy of the article about our daughter Shauna Mullally that appeared in the November edition of Carleton Now. My husband and I were so touched by the content and the attention to detail it displayed. A number Continue 

Letter to the editor: Support staff services

During the strike, I was so busy just keeping my head above water, that I didn’t have time to think about the full impact the dispute had on me, my unit (I am a department chair) and my students. What is clear to me now is that while I have Continue 

Letter to the editor: Rudeness over daycare parking spots marred Convocation

The rudeness daycare staff encountered from parents, students and Carleton University employees during June’s Convocation ceremonies was a real eye-opener! Continue 


Coping with traumatic, unjust loss Thank you for the extra copies of Carleton Now. Nice job on the article–it was informative. Debbie and Allen Martin — Biomedical engineering students host successful networking event Thanks so much for publishing an excellent article in Carleton Continue 


New look for Carleton Now In order to make Carleton Now more cost effective and environmentally friendly, the paper is now being printed on newsprint. In addition, a front-page index and a regular Sudoku puzzle have been added for the convenience and entertainment of our readers. Achievement Continue 

Letter to the editor: A captivating issue

A note of compliment for the latest issue of Carleton Now. I don’t actually remember an issue that seemed so captivating. I particularly enjoyed reading the feature story Healthy Designs which portrayed an innovative concept of design and space Continue 

Letter to the editor: Re: International Polar Year

I would like to thank you for all of your great work on behalf of our environmental stories here at Carleton. The latest issue of Carleton Now, featuring student work with environmental connections from all the faculties, provides an excellent Continue 

Letter to the editor: ID students rate the iPhone

Re the article in last month’s issue of Carleton Now on the iPhone, I think that it is important to engage students in the discussion because they have the most relevant experience, will be making the most critical decisions and will create Continue 

Letter to the editor: Sprott students bring home the gold

Thanks very much for sending me a copy of the photo of my wife Sherrie Richer, which appeared in last month’s Carleton Now. I read the article and appreciated how well it summarized the actual event. François Continue 

Letter to the editor

An afternoon of family fun What a great photograph of my son’s first time on skates! The Family Holiday Skate was a great time and the organizers and volunteers should be commended. Thanks for running the picture and for sending me a copy. A very proud father, Professor Jim Green, Systems Continue 

Letter to the editor

Quest for safe drinking water article very helpful I would like to thank you very much for the article in the January issue of Carleton Now on Professor Örmeci’s quest for safe drinking water. I was in need of answers for my geography summative (which was on Canada’s water, go Continue 

Have your say

In late September, some students and I were discussing the Liberal leadership race. They wanted to know why I boldly and somewhat rashly predicted that Stéphane Dion would beat Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae, the acknowledged frontrunners. Ignatieff was making too many mistakes, I told them, Continue 

Letter to the editor: Ontario science teacher outreach program a success

I’m writing in response to the wonderful article that appeared in the December issue of Carleton Now regarding my class’s adventure at the Sudbury Neutrino Continue 

Letter to the editor: Research may help heart attack and stroke patients

Thank you for the extra copies of the December 2006 issue of Carleton Now. The article was very well written and will help in our recruitment of top quality Continue 

Letter to the Editor University should pay more attention to retirees

Don Wiles’ letter on the loss of university loyalty in the October issue hit several nails squarely on the head. One that needs urgent attention is this: Continue 

Have something to say?

Have something to say? Send a letter to the editor at editor@carleton.ca From – Continue 

Letters to the Editor welcome

Letters to the Editor of Carleton NOW are welcome at editor@carleton.ca From – Continue 

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor of Carleton NOW are welcome at carletonnow@carleton.ca From – Continue 

Keep it coming…

Well congratulations seem to be in order. First for Carleton NOW, it is good to see after such a long absence. I almost thought it was all but forgotten. But with a new face-lift, it is just great and please “keep it coming.” Second congratulatory note certainly belongs to the new Field Continue 

Too pricey?

Congratulations on the first issue of Carleton NOW. I just came across it at CKCU. But with all its colour and gloss, it must have cost a lot to produce. Richard Parks Alumnus, BA/85 Thank you for the kind remarks regarding the new look of Carleton NOW. Readers will be pleased to know that Continue 

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