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Library’s partnerships brings the community to campus

Margaret Haines has opened the doors of MacOdrum Library to more than just the Carleton community. As head librarian, she’s formed a broad range of partnerships with other universities, the Ottawa Public Library and government libraries. Continue 

Carleton United Way campaign beats $150,000 target

Carleton’s United Way campaign raised more than $160,000 — surpassing its $150,000 goal — showing that the spirit of giving is alive and well on campus. During the three-week campaign which officially wrapped up on Nov. 13, donors were Continue 

Generous gifts to Carleton will benefit MacOdrum Library

Wingate Snaith and Bert and Mona Patterson will always be remembered for their lifetime of generosity to friends, children, and now to the Maxwell MacOdrum Library. The former skating champion and the couple, who were Carleton alumni, have left the Continue 

Celebrity Reading List

Not only did library staff donate all of the books for the new recreational reading program, they have also been busy borrowing paperbacks from the collection. Here are four recommendations of books check out and enjoy. Susan Tudin, Reference Services The Divide by Nicholas Evans The Divide Continue 

Fade to black Carleton – cut the lights for Earth Hour on March 28

Assistant librarian Linda Rossman is issuing a friendly challenge to her colleagues on campus to turn off their lights for Earth Hour on March 28. On that day, Continue 

Fun and games: library promotes game literacy

Most of us play games for fun so an academic game collection might seem like an oxymoron. But students in game development or interactive multimedia design programs need to understand the educational aspects and technology of gaming, which is why Continue 

Professional achievement

The Professional Achievement Awards were established in 1989. Valued at $1,500, they are awarded to two professional librarians on the basis of a peer evaluation committee and up to five instructors on the basis of outstanding performance in meeting their responsibilities. — Ingrid Continue 

From books to bytes and beyond

The university library has always been more than a simple repository of books. It’s an academic environment without barriers; where all disciplines, competing ideas, and curious minds intermingle in a quest for knowledge. Over time, however, how Continue 

Celebrating our Library’s past and future

On Wednesday, August 25, Carleton employees and special guests gathered in the MacOdrum Library to honour and recognize the generous support of the Library’s donors. To mark the event, the donor’s wall bearing the names of donors was Continue 

Carleton Library goes digital

Never mind the challenge of finding physical space for library holdings, digital materials have also become increasingly difficult to manage and store. It’s why Carleton’s MacOdrum Library is participating in a pilot project to establish a Continue 

Professional Achievement Award (Librarians)

These awards are presented to professional librarians for outstanding performance, and are valued at $1,500. Judy Senecal Electronic Reference Services LibrarianJudy Senecal is awarded a Professional Achievement Award for her work in developing and Continue 

Professional Achievement Award (Librarians)

These awards also valued at $1,500 are presented to two professional librarians for outstanding performance. Janet Carson Subject Supervisor, Reference Services When Janet Carson graduated in June 2002 with a Ph.D. in Sociology, she became the Continue 

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