Retirees and 25-year service employees honoured at June reception

On June 4, 2007, Dr. Samy Mahmoud, President and Vice-Chancellor pro tempore, hosted a reception to honour non-academic staff who retired or have served 25 years at Carleton University.

Celebrating retirement are: Back row (left to right): Keith Gibbs, Joel Nordenstrom, Rose Lyman, John Moore. Middle row (left to right): Joy Clarke, Jane MacArthur, Brenda Sutherland, Wendy Sinclair, Lynn Collins, Diane Dodds, Richard Csabi, Pamela Armstrong, Anna Krejcova, James Sampson. Front row (left to right): Ron Gilliland, Lucien (Blacky) Albert, Nazira Conroy, Ann Carroll, Carole Tattersall, Lynn Gunn, President Mahmoud.

Celebrating 25 years of service are: Back row (left to right): Michael Warner, Mike Schofi eld, Edward Bruggink. Middle row (left to right): Diane Dodds, Beverly Forest, Fred Barrett, Tim Munro. Front row (left to right): Irene Emery, Colleen Racine, Julie St. Jean, Monika St. Jean, Chan Lu (Fong), President Mahmoud.

List of honourees


Lucien Albert
Hazel Anderson
Pamela Armstrong
Lynn Brown
Selene Caladan
Ann Carroll
Joy Clarke
Ilda Coicou
Lynn Collins
Nazira Conroy
Richard Csabi
Janet Doherty
Lorena Duncan
Ilona Fiser
Dianne Gavin
Ron Gilliland
Lynn Gunn
Anna Krejcova
Drew Love
Rose Lyman
Jane MacArthur
Rita Monaghan
John Moore
Joel Nordenstrom
Eileen Ross
James Sampson
Wendy Sinclair
Brenda Sutherland
Carole Tattersall
James Whitehorne

25 years of service

Fred Barrett
Edward Bruggink
Kathy Cates
Elsie Clement
George Curley
Fatima DaRosa
Wayne Dinelle
Diane Dodds
Steve Dubreuil
Irene Emery
Beverly Forest
Barry Fox
Joel Garlough
John Kelley
Yvon Leclair
Chan Lu
Bryan Magladry
Wayne McGee
Narendra Mehta
Tim Munro
Ronald Papineau
Rick Percival
Colleen Racine
Michael Schofield
Julie St. Jean
Monika St. Jean
Ardavan Tajbakhsh
Michael Warner

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