August Safety News


The Department of University Safety (DUS) would like to take this opportunity to remind the Carleton community that campus roads continue to be busy throughout the summer and will become busier as the new academic year approaches. We encourage the community to remain attentive and drive carefully.


In March 2011, DUS conducted random speed checks in an effort to increase awareness and emphasize road safety to the Carleton community. Carleton Safety officers, in co-operation with the Ottawa Police Service, conducted speed checks during two-hour sessions on four different days. The goal of this campaign was to increase awareness of posted speed limits on campus, which can range anywhere from 10 to 30 km/hr. Only about four per cent of the 433 vehicles identified were travelling at a speed that fell within the speed limits. Those people were entered into a draw for one of 10 $30 prizes. DUS thanks everyone for their participation and co-operation in this campaign.

DUS continues to encourage all members of the Carleton community to continue to abide by Safety regulations and exercise appropriate caution to ensure road safety for all individuals within the Carleton community.

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