Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

Lynn Campbell, Law and Legal Studies

Susan Pinard, Library

35 Years

Glen Kit, Biology

Margaret Ogilvie, Law and Legal Studies

Tom Ray, Electronics

Brian Tansley, Psychology

30 Years

Abd El Halim, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cheryl Macaulay, Equity Services

Franz Oppacher, Computer Science

Jerzy Sasiadek, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Daiva Stasiulis, Sociology and Anthropology

25 Years

Alexis Bawagan, Chemistry

Kelly Crossman, Architecture and Urbanism

Lorraine Dyke, Sprott School of Business

Nicole Enouy, Public Policy and Administration

Chris Herdman, Psychology

Alan Kimmel, Computing and Communication Services

David Lau, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ian Lee, Sprott School of Business

Jo-Anne Lefevre, Cognitive Science

Sam Melkonian, Mathematics and Statistics

Waller Newell, Political Science

Candace Newman, Bookstore

Siva Pal, Sprott School of Business

Cate Palmer, Mathematics and Statistics

Shelley Parlow, Psychology

Danny Patterson, Geography and Environmental Studies

R. Timothy Patterson, Earth Sciences

Simon Power, Economics

Huntley Schaller, Economics

George Scott, Facilities Management and Planning

Peter Swan, Criminology and Criminal Justice

20 Years

Robert Burk, Chemistry

Piotr Dutkiewicz, Political Science

John Gaydos, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Stephen Hill, Facilities Management and Planning

Marie-Odile Junker, Linguistics and Language Studies

Maeve McMahon, Law and Legal Studies

Barbara Szyszkowicz, Mathematics and Statistics

15 Years

Tony Araujo, Computing and Communication Services

Amir Banihashemi, Systems and Computing Engineering

Naomi Cappuccino, Biology

Virginia Caputo, P. Jewett-Women’s and Gender Studies

Gerald Grant, Sprott School of Business

Karim Karim, Journalism

Gregory MacIsacc, Humanities

Patricia Patrick, University Registrarial Services

Alejandro Ramirez, Sprott School of Business

Fiona Robinson, Political Science

Mark Robinson, Awards Office

Michael Runtz, Biology

Micheline White, Humanities

10 Years

Mastaneh Azad, Chemistry

Patricia Ballamingie, Geography and Environmental Studies

Lloyd Barry, Computing and Communication Services

Sean Barry, Chemistry

Francine Benny, French

Vandna Bhatia, Political Science

Lucy Campbell, Mathematics and Statistics

Jill Carrick, Studies in Art and Culture

Sarah Casteel, English Language and Literature

Zeba Crook, Humanities

Darryl Davies, Sociology and Anthropology

Thomas Donnelly, Computing and Communication Services

Daniel Feszty, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Amy Fraser, University Registrarial Services

Dianne George, Law and Legal Studies

Neil Gerlach, Sociology and Anthropology

Randall Germain, Political Science

Sheryl Hamilton, Journalism

Lee-Ann Hull, Graduate and Postdoc Affairs

Hana Jabi, Information Technology

Yolana Junco-Pascual, Recreation and Athletics

John Kennedy, Instructional Media Services

Catherine Khordoc, French

Susanne Maria Klausen, History

Heidi Maibom, Philosophy

Liane Mazzulli, Sprott School of Business

Paul Mezo, Mathematics and Statistics

Scott Mitchell, Geography and Environmental Studies

Dawn Moore, Law and Legal Studies

Janice O’Farrell, Admissions

James Opp, History

Mohamedou Ould Haye, Mathematics and Statistics

Ruth Phillips, Studies in Art and Culture

Mark Phillips, History

Blazenka Power, Electronics

Henry Saari, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Jeffery Sahadeo, European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Yiagadeesen Samy, International Affairs

Janice Schroeder, English Language and Literature

Ralph Serin, Psychology

James Simpson, Computing and Communication Services

Anil Somayaji, Computer Science

Natalia Stepanova, Mathematics and Statistics

Jennifer Stewart, Public Policy and Administration

Christopher Stoney, Public Policy and Administration

Virginia Taylor, Sprott School of Business

Murdock Thompson, Journalism

Ming Tiampo, Studies in Art and Culture

Collett Tracey, English Language & Literature

Kieu Tran, FASS Office of the Dean

Steve Truttmann, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Michel Vallee, Sociology and Anthropology

Ira Wagman, Journalism

Andrew Wallace, English Language and Literature

John Walsh, History

Yanling Wang, International Affairs

Michael Wohl, Psychology

5 Years

Troy Anderson, Sprott School of Business

Tyler Avis, Chemistry

Guillermo Bernal Estevez, Physics

Jeffrey Bittle, Facilities Management and Planning

Shaohan Cai, Sprott School of Business

Nicolas Carrier, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Francesca Craig, Recreation and Athletics

Ana Dammert, Economics

Bernardo Esau, CU On-Line

Mariana Esponda Cascajares, Architecture and Urbanism

Ryan Flannigan, Office – Director of Student Affairs

Jose Galdo, Public Policy and Administration

Elizabeth Gorham, University Communications

Alison Hanna, University Safety

Sefa Hayibor, Sprott School of Business

Kim Hellemans, Neuroscience

Hans-Martin Jaeger, Political Science

Lloyd Keane, Library

Karen Kedrosky, Career Development and Co-op Education

Ummni Khan, Law and Legal Studies

Ernest Kwan, Sprott School of Business

Jeremy Laliberte, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Gita Ljubicic, Geography and Environmental Studies

Irene Lu, Sprott School of Business

Evelyn Maeder, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Andrew Marble, Systems and Computer Engineering

David Matheson, Philosophy

Steven McGarry, Electronics

James Milner, Political Science

David Mould, Computer Science

Zoran Oklopcic, Law and Legal Studies

Laura Paliani, Career Development and Co-op Education

Justin Paulson, Sociology and Anthropology

Raul Razo-Garcia, Economics

Robin Ritchie, Sprott School of Business

Joanne Rumig, MacOdrum Library

Ouafa Sakka, Sprott School of Business

Douglas Saunders, Finance Office

Aboubakar Sanogo, Studies in Art and Culture

Jaffer Sheyholislami, Linguistics and Language Studies

Daniel Siddiqi, Linguistics and Language Studies

Patrice Smith, Neuroscience

Jeffrey Smith, Chemistry

Jesse Stewart, Studies in Art and Culture

Apollinaire Tsopmo, Chemistry

S. Jill Wigle, Geography and Environmental Studies

Yuriy Zabolotnyuk, Sprott School of Business

Randy Zadra, Carleton International

1 Year

Alanna Allen, Sprott School of Business

Ryan Bechmanis, Recreation and Athletics

Karla Bochert, University Registrarial Services

Merridee Bujaki, Sprott School of Business

Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan, Sociology and Anthropology

Donald Cumming, University Communications

Mark DeBruyn, Recreation and Athletics

Julie Dempsey, Psychology

Stacy Douglas, Law and Legal Studies

Johanna Elgie, Recreation and Athletics

Jennifer Gray, Sprott School of Business

Christopher Gunn, Economics

Nada Haralovich, Business Office

Jason Hinek, Computer Science

Robert Holliday, Housing and Conference Services

Isolde Kingsley, Business Office

Bethany MacLeod, Linguistics and Language Studies

Ward Milne, Computing and Communication Services

Paul Mkandawire, Interdisciplinary Studies

Melany Morrison, Office of the Dean of Science

Christopher Murray, Computing and Communication Services

Melissa Redmond, Social Work

Sandra Robinson, Journalism

Stephen Saideman, International Affairs

Dawn Schmidt, Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture

Alexis Shotwell, Sociology and Anthropology

Robert Smart, Sprott School of Business

Harriet Tinnish, Housing and Conference Services

Joana Luiz Torres Da Rocha, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Johan Voordouw, Architecture and Urbanism

Xiaoyu Wang, Electronics

Mika Westerlund, Sprott School of Business

Paul Williams, Geography and Environmental Studies

Michael Windover, Studies in Art and Culture

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