Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

45 Years

Ata Khan, Civil and Environmental Engineering

40 Years

Hymie Anisman, Neuroscience

David Emerson, Mail Services

Peter Jones, Earth Sciences

Kim Mitchell, Sociology and Anthropology

Peter Noel, Instructional Media Services

Neil Sargent, Law and Legal Studies

Norman Warren, Finance Office

Conrad Winn, Political Science

35 Years

Tony Bailetti, Sprott School of Business

Tom Darby, Political Science

Rob McDonald, MacOdrum Library

Nicolas Papadopoulos, Sprott School of Business

Ronald Saunders, Law and Legal Studies

Ken Story, Chemistry

Bruce Winer, Institutional Research and Planning

30 Years

Fanny Demers, Economics

Michel Demers, Economics

Linda Fullum, Sprott School of Business

Hugues Jeansonne, Safety:Technical Services

Donald Johnson, Mail Services

Uma Kumar, Sprott School of Business

Vinod Kumar, Sprott School of Business

Raymond Stone, Facilities Management & Planning

25 Years

John Algie, Facilities Management and Planning

Charles Doutrelepont, French

Robert Fournier, French

Louis Nel, Computer Science

Valerie Pereboom, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Roderick Phillips, History

Calvin Plett, Electronics

Barb Steele, Board of Governors

20 Years

Bruce Curtis, Sociology and Anthropology

Lois Frankel, Industrial Design

Karen March, Sociology & Anthropology

Charles O’Brien, Studies in Art & Culture

Tim Pychyl, Initiatives in Education

Norean Shepherd, International Affairs

Janet Siltanen, Sociology & Anthropology

Collinda Thivierge, Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Paul Van Geel, Civil and Environmental Engineering

15 Years

Ayse Alaca, Mathematics and Statistics

Saban Alaca, Mathematics & Statistics

Shaundel Dottin-Agim, Undergraduate Recruitment Office

Babak Esfandiari, Systems & Computing Engineering

James Miller, History

Noel Salmond, Humanities

Dave Smart, Recreation and Athletics

Robert West, Psychology

Jiankang Zhang, Economics

10 Years

Matthew Bellamy, History

Stephan Biljan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Inna Bumagin, Mathematics and Statistics

Bruce Campbell, Physics

Patrick Coe, Economics

Gordon Davis, Philosophy

Dana Dragunoiu, English Language and Literature

Christine Duff, French

Jason Etele, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mulugeta Gebru, MacOdrum Library

Guillaume Gentil, Linguistics and Language Studies

Joshua Greenberg, Journalism and Communication

Jennifer Henderson, English Language and Literature

Anatoli Ianoul, Chemistry

Brian Johnson, English Language and Literature

Cindy Kardash-Lalonde, Journalism and Communication

Kirsten Kozolanka, Journalism and Communication

Leslie Love, Sprott School of Business

Steven MacNaught, Computing and Communication Services

Edgar Matida, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Ashraf Matrawy, Information Technology

Ruth McKay, Sprott School of Business

James Meadowcroft, Public Policy and Administration

Lynn Murphy, International Student Services Office

Julie Murray, English Language and Literature

Chris Penny, International Affairs

Natalie Pressburger, Geography and Environmental Studies

Jennifer Pylypa, Sociology and Anthropology

Graham Smart, Linguistics and Language Studies

John Stead, Neuroscience

Carlos Valdez, Linguistics and Language Studies

Manuella Vincter, Physics

Marcel-Cristian Voia, Economics

Wendy Watkins, MacOdrum Library

5 Years

Graeme Auld, Public Policy and Administration

Adam Barrows, English Language and Literature

Wayne Boone, International Affairs

Miranda Brady, Journalism and Communication

Abass Braimah, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sarah Brouillette, English Language and Literature

Carys Carrington, MacOdrum Library

James Casteel, European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Cynthia Cruickshank, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Kim Dinardo, Health and Counselling Services

Greg Fisher, Humanities

Melissa Frankel, Philosophy

Fred Gaidies, Earth Sciences

Graham Galway, Chemistry

Aisha Geissinger, Humanities

Michel Hogue, History

Farah Hosseinian, Chemistry

Raffaele Iacovino, Political Science

Lara Karaian, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Christine Laurendeau, Computer Science

Emmanuel Lorin de la Grandmaison, Mathematics and Statistics

Alexis Luko, Studies in Art and Culture

Glenn McRae, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sana Mohsni, Sprott School of Business

Luciara Nardon, Sprott School of Business

Murray Richardson, Geography and Environmental Studies

Michel Rod, Sprott School of Business

Chris Russill, Journalism and Communication

Mohammed Rustom, Humanities

Fateema Sayani, University Advancement

Rajvinder Singh, Cognitive Science

Carol-Ann Tetrault Sirsly, Sprott School of Business

Peter Thompson, Canadian Studies

Mohammad Tofigh Rayhani, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Anne Trepanier, Canadian Studies

Crina Viju, European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Boris Vukovic, Paul Menton Centre

Gulraze Wakil, Sprott School of Business

Ashley Wesolowski, University Safety

Shannon Wilmot, University Advancement

Winnie Ye, Electronics

1 Year

Mehdi Ammi, Public Policy and Administration

Rebecca Bowie, Office of Quality Initiatives

Kristin Bright, Sociology and Anthropology

Gail Carmichael, Computer Science

Donald Cummings, Earth Sciences

Elise Durand, Housing and Conference Services

Brooke Eagle, Social Work

Gina Freitag, Law & Legal Studies

Emily Gray, Sprott School of Business

Stephan Gruber, Geography and Environmental Studies

Amrita Hari, Pauline Jewett-Women’s and Gender Studies

Michael Hildebrand, Neuroscience

Andrea Howard, Psychology

Eva Kartchava, Linguistics and Language Studies

Iryna Kozlova, Linguistics and Language Studies

Philip Mansfield, Facilities Management and Planning

Lindsay McShane, Sprott School of Business

Konstantinos Metaxoglou, Economics

Sangeeta Murugkar, Physics

Andrew Natale, Housing and Conference Services

Rodney Nelson, Initiatives in Education

Maya Papineau-Koritar, Economics

Pooja Parmar, Law and Legal Studies

Jonathan Pease, Health and Counselling Services

Oren Petel, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Paloma Raggo, Public Policy and Administration

Jennifer Ridgley, Geography and Environmental Studies

Megan Rivers-Moore, Pauline Jewett-Women’s and Gender Studies

Alberto Salazar, Law and Legal Studies

Lindsay Salmon, Graphic Services

Tom Scholberg, Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sandra Slater, Office of the President

Andrew Speirs, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Eric Stephens, Economics

Erik Stephenson, Humanities

Rob Thomas, Human Resources

Jillian Tough, Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Bruce Tsuji, Psychology

Steve Ulrich, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Paul Villeneuve, Health Sciences

Laura Wilson, Business Office

Alex Wong, Biology

Robert Wood, Architecture and Urbanism

Haihong Zheng, Institutional Research and Planning


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