Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

Robert Heath, Housing and Residence Life Services

30 Years

Pierre Niles, Library

Robert Crutchley, Chemistry

Maureen Leslie, Library

25 Years

Catherine Gaffney, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Douglas Helem, Facilities Management and Planning

Diane Trenouth, Neuroscience

Sharon Carr, Earth Sciences

Joyce Lundberg, Geography and Environmental Studies

Laura Macdonald, Political Economy

Jeremy Paltiel, Political Science

Mary McGuire, School of Journalism and Communication

Cecilia Taiana, Social Work

Darlene Hebert, Systems and Computing Engineering

20 Years

Douglas Huckvale, Undergraduate Recruitment Office

Geoffrey Brooks, Facilities Management and Planning Administration

15 Years

Etelle Bourassa, Psychology

Sherri Sunstrum, Library

Geoffrey Wale, Library

Jennifer Warren, English Language and Literature

Behnam Behnia, Social Work

Anna Kim, Industrial Design

Mike Labreque, University Registrarial Services

10 Years

Elena Munteanu, Chemistry

Vincent Kazmierski, Law and Legal Studies

Mark Savenkoff, Office of Chief Advancement Officer

Jennifer Brenning, Recreation and Athletics

Dinesh Kakadia, Carleton University Research Office

Kevin Sangster, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Ryan Taylor, Mathematics and Statistics

5 Years

Cheryl Cohen, Career Development and Co-op Education

Sabrina Dawson, Biology

Martin Johnston, Recreation and Athletics

Barbara Martens, Business Office

Ruby Misra, Office of Chief Advancement Officer

Anshul Singh, Student Systems Support

Ashley Reid, Undergraduate Recruitment Office

Shelagh McCartney, Architecture and Urbanism

Jie Liu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mandi Crespo, Science, Office of the Dean

Naomi Sarazin, Equity Services

1 Year

Sarah Adams-Aston, Earth Sciences

Jesse Buchanan, Facilities Management and Planning

Bruce Clemmer, Computing and Communications Services

Leah DeVellis, Office of Quality Initiatives

Chad Johnstone, Housing and Residence Life Services

Salim Juma, Faculty of Engineering

Claire Lewis, Advancement

Kevin Chaves, Career Development and Co-op Education

Darlene Moss, Biology

Kripa Dongol, Library

Jen Hogan, University Registrarial Services

Matt Prowse, Office of Chief Advancement Officer

Jenny Leppard , University Registrarial Services

Brenda Morris, Social Work

Vicki Boman, Office-Director of Student Affairs

Sarah Anne Szabototh, Initiatives in Education

Cassandra Larose, Quality Assurance (Academic)

Alicia Ott, Quality Assurance (Academic)

Edana Cassol, Health Sciences

Richard Amos, Integrated Science

Zeina Bou-Zeid, Law andLegal Studies

Giancarlo Mangone, Architecture and Urbanism

Michael Hu, Physics

Robert McRae, International Affairs

Candice Kavanagh, Paul Menton Centre

Jordan McLinden, Residences – Academics

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