Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

35 Years

Judy Katz, English Language and Literature

Jeff Wieser, University Registrarial Services

30 Years

Trevor Pearce, Systems and Computing Engineering

25 Years

Valerie Evans, Business Office

Sandy Herbert, Political Science

Alan Hunt, Law and Legal Studies

Paul Johns, Physics

Bruce Johnston, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Marc Lewis, MacOdrum Library

Frank Orme, Facilities Management and Planning

20 Years

Angela Marcotte, Finance Office

Yvonne Sicard, School of Architecture and Urbanism

15 Years

Jen Sugar, Admissions Services

David Miller, Chemistry

John MacGillivray, MacOdrum Library

William Walters, Political Science

10 Years

Jacques Albert, Electronics

Sharmila Antonipillai, Computer Science

Sylvie Beekmans, Electronics

Robert Biddle, Computer Science

Brian Gamauf, Graphic Services

Shawn Hayley, Neuroscience

Terri Hearn, Computing and Communications Services

Chantal Kennedy, Admissions Services

Smaranda Lungu, Computing and Communication Services

Avi Parush, Psychology

Julia Piatigorskaia-Teplit, Scheduling and Examination Services

Alicia Poole, University Safety

David Rogers, Physics

Abhijit Sarkar, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Brian Schmidt, Political Science

Steven Wang, Mathematics and Statistics

John Warren, MacOdrum Library

5 Years

Jie Bai, Institutional Research & Planning

Michael Chaplin, Computing and Communication Services

Paul Chesser, University Advancement

Khi Chiv, Systems and Computing Engineering

Mary Francoli, Journalism

Berak Hussain, Health and Counselling Services

Sandra Kirkpatrick, Philosophy

Rosemary O’Hearn, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Jesse Plunkett, University Communications

1 Year

Erika Adams, Health: Science and Technology Policy

Jessie Cartwright, Systems and Computing Engineering

Diane Chea, University Advancement

Jeffrey Erochko, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Richard Forget, Facilities Management & Planning

Shelley Gullikson, MacOdrum Library

Patrick Hill, Psychology

Sylvie Lafortune, MacOdrum Library

Julie Lavigne, MacOdrum Library

Mingxia Liu, University Advancement

Robert Moher, Office of the Board of Governors

Jenna Noseworthy, Systems and Computing Engineering

Sarah Sabourin, Student Experience Office

Tanya Schwartz, CURO

Radovan Vadovic, Economics

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