Service Anniversaries

These employees are celebrating an important anniversary. We encourage you to mark the occasion with a personal greeting or comment to them.

40 Years

Allan Moscovitch, School of Social Work

Carl Testa, Facilities Management and Planning

30 Years

Frances Abele, Public Policy and Administration

Darrell Herauf, Sprott School of Business

Glen Toner, Public Policy and Administration

25 Years

Raymond Boilard, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Office of the Dean

Belinda Cahill, Business Office

Valerie Daley, Industrial Design

Kathleen Hickey, Career Development and Co-op Education

Jane Hutchingame, Health and Counselling Services

Jim Logan, Chemistry

Dean Mellway, Paul Menton Centre

Ewa Sokoloski, MacOdrum Library

20 Years

Mark MacGuigan, School of Architecture and Urbanism

15 Years

Kristof Avramsson, MacOdrum Library

Michel Barbeau, Computer Science

Wendy Fraser, Centre for English Language Assessment and Support

Chantelle Gravelle, Chemistry

Sylvie Gubbels, Computing and Communication Services

Trevor Purvis, Law and Legal Studies

Michael Weiss, Systems and Computing Engineering

Christopher Worswick, Economics

10 Years

Julio Aguilar-Hernandez, Faculty of Public Affairs, Office of the Dean

Danny Brown, Computing and Communication Services

Patricia Davis, Computing and Computing Services

Cathy Edwards, CURO

Trevor Findlay, International Affairs

Renea Free, CUOL

Jennifer Kearns, Facilities Management and Planning

Sarah Koch, Sprott School of Business

Stephen MacLaurin, Electronics

Corey Mahoney, Computing and Communication Services

Pum van Veldhoven, Sociology and Anthropology

5 Years

Lily Benedicto, MacOdrum Library

Jeff Condie, University Safety

Roger Connah, School of Architecture and Urbanism

Stephanie Mulville, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

David Raude, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Sonia Tanguay, Paul Menton Centre

Kristopher Waddell, Admissions Services

Cindy Wilson, MacOdrum Library

Jennifer Wolters, University Advancement

1 Year

Leila Chinaei, Computer Science

Renee De Laire, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Kathryne Dupre, Psychology

Stephen Field, Industrial Design

Benjamin Griffin, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Emily Heath, Physics

Shawn Kenny, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sara Moore, Animal Care and Veterinary Services

Laurie Shea, Housing and Residence Services

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