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Taming traffic

Despite the wealth of technology available to Canadians who may want to work from home, rush-hour traffic and brutal winter winds at the bus stop are still daily occurrences for millions of workers. Commuting to work remains such a pervasive part of Canadian life that Statistics Canada’s 2001 Census includes a detailed study on the subject. Hand-in-hand with the statistics is research at Carleton University into creating Intelligent Transportation Systems … Continue 

Foliage in the workplace: friend or foe?

Although it seems harmless, the plant sitting on your desk at work may actually be hazardous to the health of others, according to Chris White, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety at Carleton University. “From the point of view of Health and Safety, plants in the office do more harm than good,” says White, noting that what seems like innocent green foliage can be the root of a mold problem … Continue 

Carleton important partner in CBC-led initiative

Throughout the month of February, Carleton University is participating in a CBC-led initiative called Ottawa Matters. This year marks the first year of what is hoped to become an annual event. The month-long, multi-media project involves the cooperation of a number of prominent Ottawa organizations pooling resources and expertise to provide information and initiate discussion surrounding a topic of importance and interest to Ottawa and its citizens. This year, the … Continue 

Personalities at work – toward a “free trait” agreement in Ottawa

Ottawa works. As a vibrant city of diverse people, it has attracted many of us from elsewhere and we’ve grown roots. Ottawa works, of course, in another sense and in our daily occupations we often see personality factors working themselves out in fascinating ways. I want to explore this aspect of our daily working lives in Ottawa and in so doing present aspects of a theory of human personality that … Continue 

Coming next month…

Look forward to the March issue of Carleton NOW, where we will feature Carleton’s outstanding Engineering programs. From – Continue 

Special event: Kroeger College – Recognizing those that are leading the way

On February 10, 2004, Carleton’s Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs will hold the fourth annual Leadership Forum and Awards Dinner at the Fairmont Continue 

Thursday, February 5 – Thursday, February 12

Events calendar – carleton.ca/events February 5-7, 8:30 p.m.Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company presents “Beyond Therapy” The fourth annual Rheal Brant-Hall Memorial Lecture will be presented by Cindy Blackstock, who will speak about the Continue 

Is my workplace making me sick?

Carleton University faculty and staff experts answer life’s perplexing questions. J. David Miller, NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Department of Chemistry, answers this month’s question: Is my workplace making me sick? Probably not. In Continue 

In the News

Barbara Carswell, Director of Equity Services, was interviewed by the Ottawa Citizen, CBC Radio, and CJOH-TV (January 14-15) about Carleton’s policies on relationships where power differentials exist, such as faculty relationships with students. The Ottawa Citizen reported that Carleton is Continue 

Power snip

8:30 a.m. : Walk in the office, turn on the light, switch on the computer, start up the coffee maker, turn on the portable heater. Go to the refrigerator to deposit lunch, stop by the water cooler, and you’re ready to begin your day. What does it amount to? At Carleton University, when you Continue 

Looking at the hands of overtime

During times of change and growth in an organization, regardless of size, we are often confronted with the dilemma of working overtime. It can be a confusing issue. When is it okay to work overtime? What can my manager reasonably expect of me? What Continue 

Where are they now?

While having only recently celebrated his 24th birthday, Shane Mihelic Booth has already made a name for himself in the world of Industrial Design. Whether it’s in the pages of Wired magazine, or as a designer starring on the family reality TV program Knock First, Mihelic Booth has Continue 

A ‘CASE’ for good advertising

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) has awarded Carleton University Magazine a silver medal of excellence for its Carleton Café print advertising campaign. The ads showcase some of the great perks of membership available to Continue 

Sports briefs

The Ottawa Fury Elite Women’s Soccer Club has been awarded the 2004 W-League (member of the United Soccer Leagues) Final Four Championships. The Championships will be held at Carleton University’s Keith Harris Stadium, the weekend of August 7—8, 2004. The Ottawa Fury, entering its Continue 

Rookie Sparks courts success

With a new coach, and seven of the team’s 15 members being rookies—it’s a good thing the rookies include star players like forward Caitlin Sparks. The 19 year-old graduate of Ashbury College in Ottawa is half-way through her first year of a Continue 

Campus News briefs

On January 31, Carleton students hosted the 17th annual Charity Ball at the Ottawa Congress Centre.This year’s theme was “an evening of stars,” and many attendees came dressed as their favourite Hollywood star. For the first time, the ball featured a live band “Me & Him.” Continue 

There’s nothing ‘snail’ about mail at Carleton

With new communications technology being introduced faster than we can create messages to travel the pathways, it’s surprising to see how much we still rely on old fashioned “snail mail” to exchange information in the workplace. At 7:00 a.m. Continue 

Building a working relationship—with your computer

More than 60 percent of Canadians are using computers in the workplace. Unfortunately, the software they’re using is sometimes poorly designed, leading to confusion and frustration for individuals, and lost productivity for the organization. Continue 

The tools of the trade: comfort is key

From the operation of an aircraft, to the controls on a VCR or the shape of a computer mouse, industrial designers have a hand in it all. If a tool isn’t designed properly, it can lead to frustration and injury. Tim Moore, a Professor in Continue 

News briefs – Science and Engineering

Bob McDonald from CBC’s Quirks and Quarks was on campus February 2, as part of the inaugural Discovery Lecture, co-sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences and the School of Journalism and Communication. McDonald’s lecture was titled Continue 

Work and life — a challenging balancing act

When Health Canada asked Linda Duxbury to produce a series of studies on how Canadians view their work-life balance, no one expected such rattling results. Two years of research continually revealed such high levels of perceived stress at work and Continue 

One outstanding woman

Second-year Honours Science student Lynne Wolfson was one of a select group of women to be accepted into this year’s National Research Council’s (NRC) Women in Engineering and Science (WES) program. The award, valued at $33,000, is aimed at increasing the number of women in the Continue 

News briefs – FASS and PAM

Third year law and economics student Ike Awgu has transitioned from the political forum to the news forum. After finishing third in the recent Ottawa mayoral race, Awgu will now be sharing his perspective through a weekly column in the Ottawa Sun. Continue 

Women on the move

Are management decisions made around a table or in a men’s washroom? In 1987, the year the term “glass ceiling” was coined, the right answer was undoubtedly both. B.J. Miskelly, Acting Director, Human Resources, chuckles as she remembers being the only female on a management team in Continue 

Building bridges for communication breakdown

Say what you mean. Sounds simple, right? But it’s not—especially at work. Take this statement from a senior manager: “I have to give my team clear direction. If I don’t, productivity suffers.” But what seems like a linear process can be Continue 

About Carleton NOW

Carleton NOW is published monthly (except July) by Advancement through the Department of University Communications. Views expressed or implied do not necessarily reflect official University policy. Submissions are welcome, but Carleton NOW reserves the right to edit and print contributions Continue 

The faces of Carleton

Carleton has many dedicated employees. In each issue of Carleton NOW, we introduce a person or team from the Carleton community in an effort to showcase the many outstanding individuals that contribute to the University’s many accomplishments. Patti Harper holds the keys to Carleton’s Continue 

Working together

The focus of the February issue of Carleton Now is the world of work. Carleton University has joined the CBC and other regional partners such as the Community Foundation of Ottawa, the National Film Board and the Ottawa Public Library, in participating in a month-long discussion of Continue 

A tribute to one of Ottawa’s most fondly remembered educators

At the 12:30 p.m. Convocation ceremony today, Carleton University will be presenting a Special High School Teaching Award posthumously to one of the region’s Continue 

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